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4 Startling Statistics on Depression and Women of Faith

Faith and depression have a connection in that religious women have a higher incidence of the condition. Women’s depression has been addressed at treatment centers for a long time and the correlation between their faith and their condition.

Here are just some of the data on depression in women and their faith.  

Faith and Depression Women are Three Times More Likely to Get Depressed  

A UK study titled “Spiritual and religious beliefs as risk factors for the onset of major depression: an international cohort study,” authored by University College London Prof. Michael King revealed that the deeper religion is entrenched in your life, the bigger risk there is that you will end up depressed.  

It doesn’t matter whether you are Catholic, Protestant or have no specific religion, the vulnerability is the same. The study, meanwhile, was quick to point out that one thing doesn’t directly lead to another. It’s more of a risk factor that a causality. 

Women of Faith Do Not Have the “Weak Gene”

Clinical depression is a medical issue. While women are more likely to get depressed than men, they don’t have what has been derisively termed as a “weak gene.”  The mistaken train of thought is that they are predisposed to be depressed because of their gender. It’s the same since idea since time immemorial where they are accused of being vulnerable to possession, or being witches. But it’s true that they are twice as likely to become depressed, and the risk factor just balloons when they are deeply religious.

12 Million Women in the US May Experience Depression Each Year

Women depression is a clear and present danger. The problem is the stigma in society is still very real. It’s the reason many do not seek treatment, or they go to the doctor to be prescribed with anti-depressants. This is the easy way out, so to speak. We’re not saying that they don’t work, what we’re saying is they don’t work all the time.  

1 in 8 Women May Experience Depression At least Once in Their Lifetime  

The mind is a beautiful thing; it’s also very complex. This is the reason there’s no single treatment that works in all depression cases. The reasons are myriad like hormonal, birth, genes and any outward stimuli like work stress, financial problems, family, etc. Depression also has many levels so medication might not be the best treatment for you. In fact, it’s not a recommended treatment in the long-term except for some rare cases when the individual’s condition impacts on her ability to function.  

Depression treatment should be holistic in nature, you need to be really committed to changing your mindset to heal not just your mind, but your soul and body as well. That means lots of exercise to release endorphins in your system, changing your diet to focus more on leafy vegetables and to refrain from too many sweets, carbs, or red meat. You also need a lot of sleep, as well as a lot of support. That means you make a conscious decision to go out with friends rather than be alone in your room where the risk of getting down becomes greater.

Christian depression treatment centers have experience navigating through the complicated relationship between being blue and faith. What can you expect from these facilities? Remember the paradox at the outset of this article? You will find that it’s no paradox at all because this question will be answered in your journey to recovery inside the center.

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