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Rehab for Women

Rehab for women address a range of drug addiction issues with honesty and integrity. Therefore, you can feel safe consulting us with no fear of judgment. We provide the tools you need to break free from dependency on alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications, pain pills, heroin, meth or just about any other substance. In addition, we offer gender-specific rehab solutions for women of all socioeconomic backgrounds and races – some of who might also struggle with mental health issues.

Residential treatment — We provide the option of either a 30-day intensive treatment or a longer program. Both of these Christian residential recovery programs are personalized according to your individual needs and include professional substance detox monitoring. Costs are normally covered by PPO insurance, HMO insurance and Kaiser insurance.

Detoxification – If your body is dependent on the substances you take, you might need detoxification help. We provide you a safe environment and compassionate staff to see you through the alcohol or drug withdrawal phases. We have treatment centers near me that are licensed for detox.

PHP Treatment – This form of rehab usually involves partial hospitalization. It is the perfect solution for you if you want the benefit of intense rehab, individual therapy, and addiction treatment without 24/7 hospitalization. Recovery is usually scheduled at times most convenient to your daily life.

Outpatient rehab for women – This provides you with one to three days per week of treatment while you still keep your job. Intensive outpatient program is also a perfect relapse prevention plan if you just completed your residential rehabilitation program.

Dual diagnosis and emotional health treatment – Oftentimes, drug and alcohol addiction progress as a result of a mental or emotional disorder. New Creation offers testing if you would like to know if a mental health condition is connected to your drinking and using. You might receive counseling and/or medication in conjunction with addiction rehab.

Free confidential assessment – We try to gather the information we need to determine your susceptibility to addiction and evaluate your need for treatment. After your free assessment, we then set you up with an effective treatment course.

Gender specific rehab for women – Women are known to have the most progress when they enter a program that is designed specifically for them. You have the chance to receive recovery resources from us whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or another age. We keep in mind the stresses you endure through each stage of life.

Christian Track Program – New Creation offers an optional program to address the spiritual as well as the mental and physical aspects of recovery with the faith-based Christian Track program. Through prayer groups, bible study and gender-specific programs we can help you find or bring God back into your life.