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Christian Inpatient Treatment Center

Christian inpatient treatment center is for those who have tried to stop using drugs and alcohol on your own but cannot. New Creation Treatment offers you hope through our Christian inpatient treatment center. We specialize in saving the lives of women of all ages and ethnicities.

Reaching the Needs of Women Everywhere

Both women and men struggle with addiction. However, substance abuse affects a women’s body in different ways than for men. For starters, women experience the effects of alcohol quicker than men.

The way alcohol affects women leads to quite a few problems. For instance, she might develop liver failure over a shorter period than would a man. She also seems to struggle more than a man with reduction in brain functioning after long-term regular alcohol use. Cardiovascular problems might also erupt much sooner in women who suffer from alcoholism. Prolonged drug abuse also has detrimental effects on a woman’s body.

However, New Creation offers plenty of hope for all women. You increase your chance of saving your life if you decide to make a change right now. This starts with placing yourself in a safe, non-chaotic environment that gives you a break from your regular household, work and care giving routine. As a result, you gain the edge you need to help you stay sober before you transition back to your regular life.

Help for Women Under Pressure

Women struggle with a high level of stress on a continuous basis. Much of this has to do with having to care for her children plus work and maintain a household if she is the primary family caregiver. Her body also undergoes many changes that cause hormonal shifts. These changes in her body are part of what sometimes causes her to find relief in drugs or alcohol.

We offer Christian addiction treatment programs for women that address the following unique needs:

  • Drug and alcohol treatment during pregnancy
  • Inpatient treatment for 30-90 days
  • Family therapy and group support
  • Individual counseling
  • Substance abuse and mental health disorder treatment
  • Transitional and continuing care before and after rehab
  • Detoxification withdrawal management via expert doctors
  • Chronic pain management

Addressing Dual Addiction in Christian Inpatient Treatment

Sometimes, women struggle with a dual addiction that includes mental or emotional disorders and substance abuse issues. This sometimes makes them more prone to abuse drugs or alcohol to try to eliminate stress.

For instance, maybe you suffer from an anxiety disorder, experience post-traumatic stress, or struggle with depression. If so, we show compassion as we help you achieve the serenity and stability you have always craved as we help you stay sober. In the process, we assure you that you have no need to feel ashamed for wanting to seek help, and we will do our best to help you learn to love yourself.

New Creation also wants to remind you that you are not alone in whatever mental or emotional issues you battle. Other people who seek help by way of our residential rehab center have their stories to share, and you can overcome just like they did.

Addressing Addiction and Co-Dependency

If you are a woman who is so used to being the “strong one” and taking care of everyone else, it might be hard to accept you need help. After all, you are the one that other people depend on for what they need. However, there often comes a time in a woman’s life when they realize they need to walk the fine line of caring for themselves as well as tending to the needs of others.

If you are a naturally nurturing woman, you can be proud of that. However, New Creation wants to help you learn to also pamper yourself. Once you begin to love yourself and take care of you more, the rest will gradually fall into place. If your family sees that you are doing what you need to do for you, then you can set an example for them that shows them how to take responsibility for their own lives.

Now is the Right Time to Seek Help from Christian Inpatient Treatment

You, your children, your spouse and your loved ones will all benefit from your decision to seek treatment. As you take each step toward recovery and sobriety via the New Creation Christian inpatient rehab treatment center, you will gradually begin to build healthier relationships than you did in the past.