Group Therapy at Rehab

Group therapy at rehab is form of therapy involves several people dealing with the same problem, under the guidance of therapists. The goal is to have the patients speak out their troubles, learn from other people’s experiences, and be more confident in dealing with their problems. Because they get the feeling that they are not alone in battling substance abuse, depression, or other forms of mental illness, they develop the assurance of hope that they will be healed especially after withdrawal symptoms abate.

Benefits of group therapy at rehab

The therapeutic abilities of group therapy are so vast. It’s useful in battling depression, addiction, anxiety disorders and almost any mental health issue. Humans are social by nature; we need others in our life. Group therapy acts on this instinct. Along with its principles are as follows:

To give hope. In group therapy at rehab, women in recovery have the opportunity to talk to other members of our Christian rehabilitation programs about their own situations.  Different patients are at different stages, and each of them can instill knowledge on how to cope and recover from a troubling situation, and provide inspiration to newly recovering addicts.

To impart knowledge. This is made possible through the sharing of information and experiences.  Group therapy gives patients a model on how to handle their illness more effectively.

To support and have an association. Dealing with substance abuse and mental illness alone is what makes the situation a lot more aggravating to the patient.  But if one feels that there are other people battling with the same problem, one becomes more positive and self-assured of their healing success.  The interaction itself with other patients and therapists makes the situation lighter to handle.

To provide a feeling of acceptance and belongingness.

At New Creation, our optional faith-based therapy sessions need not be huge.  Even a small group is enough to meet all the necessary objectives mentioned above. Groups may not have to be too big as well. Three to twelve members is a great number to make the session more effective.

Members are required to meet regularly. Basically, a circular seating arrangement is commonly followed in order for everyone in the group to introduce themselves and talk about their experiences better.

Once everything is settled, our therapists will then have to open dialogues where everyone should religiously participate.

How does it work?

By participating in our group therapy at rehab programs, we can see immediately how patients respond to each other’s ability to communicate and interact. With this, group therapies are hitting two birds with one stone—one is to give patients a support network, and two is for us to know what other treatment services should be provided to better their situation.

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