Rehab Alumni and Friends Events

Rehab alumni at the New Creation Women’s Treatment center is a tight group that understands the need for continued support after you finish treatment. After all, recovery is a lifelong process that does not stop in 30-90 days. We offer continued relapse prevention along with alumni and friends events to keep you connected.

Benefits of the New Creation Rehab Alumni Program

Chances are, you made some new friends while participating in one of New Creation’s inpatient rehab or outpatient programs, or as so many do through our Christian rehab programs. If so, our alumni events help you keep in touch with them in order for you to have the support you need. Described below are additional benefits of our alumni services.

  • The chance to make contact with your counselors again
  • Changing of habits as you learn how to have sober fun
  • Stimulation of all your senses to keep you engaged without using
  • Social outlets to look forward to when you feel alone
  • Stress relief through physical activities
  • Continued networking opportunities
  • Healthy environment to spend time with friends and family

Rehab Alumni Events We Sponsor

New Creation offers a range of events to suit a variety of interests. For instance, you might be interested in cookouts and barbecues or hiking. Other activities we typically host include those listed as follows:

  • What’s App daily meditation recovery
  • Baseball and basketball games
  • Swimming, surfing and other water sports
  • Concerts and other entertainment
  • Prayer and meditation sessions
  • Holiday picnics and celebrations
  • Volunteer activities to help the needy

Additional Rehab Alumni Program Services

We also welcome all former rehab participants to attend all of our 12-step Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. Furthermore, we offer you chances to reach out to others who are now just beginning the substance abuse recovery process. Your success story could become the catalyst for change in a person who otherwise might feel hopeless.

We encourage you to stay as involved as possible after receiving treatment at New Creation Christian rehab centers. We are always here to provide non-judgmental support any time you feel tempted to use again.