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Neurofeedback Treatment

Neurofeedback treatment sessions are utilized at New Creation Treatment, we make use of the time-tested and proven effective neurofeedback therapy (NFB). Although this tool is sometimes underappreciated, it has actually been in use since the 1960’s, and has positively affected and improved countless patients’ chances of moving closer to sobriety.

Women often suffer from various  mental health disorders that co-occur along with an addiction. Keeping this in mind, we make sure to address these conditions from all angles. Our psychotherapy approach helps in healing the subtle, intangible mind, our neurofeedback therapy helps heal the physical aspects of the brain. This improves its function and receptiveness to the psychotherapy process and aids with cocaine withdrawal and other substances. Here’s all you need to know about our neurofeedback therapy.

What Is It?

Neurofeedback treatment, otherwise known as EEG Biofeedback, is a supplementary treatment alternative for addictions, as well as for anxiety and mood disorders that are coexistent with such addictions. It aids in the stabilization of the brain, thus reducing anxiety and depression that are either the causes or the results of addiction. However, as mentioned before, it is not the sole treatment itself and is often in conjunction with inpatient rehab. What it does is dramatically aid in psychotherapy and other processes. In other words, it prepares your brain for receiving treatment with dramatic help for alcoholics and addicts.

A healthy brain is adaptable to changes in the body as well as external ones. When put to the test, it has the capacity to self-correct. On the other hand, when the damage done (by drug and alcohol, for instance) is beyond self-correction, NFB therapy comes in very handy in giving that external nudge. It is totally a non-invasive approach to correcting a patient’s otherwise drug-and-alcohol-damaged brain resources. It helps retrain the central nervous system (CNS) for a better chance of physical and mental rehabilitation, and lasting independence from drugs and alcohol, as well as other co-occurring mental health issues.

How It Works

Basically, NFB is software that trains the central nervous system for improving and maximizing your brain’s brain wellness, quite similar to physical training. Women alcoholics and drug addicts generally suffer from being stuck (on a cognitive level) with insidiously chronic mental and emotional patterns that are often the root cause of their addiction. NFB promotes the brain’s withdrawal from such negative thoughts and feelings. Once the physical brain’s normal functions are restored and improved, patients are more susceptible and open to positive changes and resolutions to their issues.

During a session, your brain wave patterns are closely monitored for tremors and irregularities. When a deviation is spotted, you will be signaled to encourage and train your brain to “reset.”

What Occurs in Neurofeedback Treatment?

Here’s what to expect from our NFB therapy session:

  • Our skilled technician will thoroughly assess you. She will also ask you to list down your specific issues and life-turning challenges that may have had a negative impact on your mental and emotional well-being.
  • You will then be guided to a peaceful and quiet room, and seated in an easy, reclining chair. Special brainwave sensors will be attached to your head.  These will be connected to the program’s software.
  • Being truly no-invasive, neurofeedback training does not shock or manipulate the brain in any way. Lasting approximately 30 minutes, a session is quite calming and pleasant.  Music will be played and the irregular skips to be heard occasionally are the signals prompting your brain to “reset” and improve.
  • After each session, expect to have a clearer mind and your stress level diminished. Some users claim sleeping more deeply after the initial session.  Experiencing such clarity, patients are more eligible to making healthier, more conscious and informed decisions for themselves.

New Creation Treatment adapts only approaches that truly work. Being a women-only facility, it is rest assured that our methods are chosen and applied sensitively, so that mothers, daughters, wives and sisters receive only the best, most effective and most non-invasive treatment they deserve.