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New Creation Treatment Reviews


New Creation Treatment reviews are offered here in both video and written from our clients. We hope you get a sense of the impact we have had on these individuals lives and massive improvement from a life of drug addiction and alcoholism to living in recovery. New Creation treatment centers offer a wide variety of rehab programs to fit any individual circumstances and get the best help available.

Written Reviews for New Creation Treatment Center

“I completed 45 days at New Creation and have been back home for about 3 weeks now… All I can say is this was by far the most I have ever taken away from any treatment program ( I’ve been to 2 others). The staff are some of the best people I have surrounded myself with and learned from. If the team at New Creation reads this I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am very thankful for your patience with me. I love all of you and miss you very much!”

– TC

“I highly recommend this facility if you really want a real recovery foundation. and discover your real identity, and core issues that affect your life”

-Dance C


“ Amazing place it helped save my life 136 days clean and sober and loving it Recovery Rocks thank you staff and clients I truly love you all ”

– Kassandra C

“Caring staff the believe in life long recovery.”

-Brett S

“Really do care about your loved one.”

-Lizette R