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Christian Mental Health Treatment for Women

Christian mental health treatment for women addresses that issues in women differ from those in men. While both genders experience some of the same basic disorders, women are more likely to exhibit depression and anxiety. In fact, women are twice as likely to suffer long-lasting depression than men. In addition, women are subject to mental health disorders that accompany hormonal changes. Factors such as age at onset, display of symptoms and rate of recovery all differ between men and women. Finally, women are more likely to experience co-occurring conditions than are men, making recovery even more difficult.

What does this all mean?

The differences in mental health issues that occur within the female population require specialized women’s mental health treatment options. Women require a different drug treatment approach. This can only be accomplished by therapists who understand the special needs that you or the loved one in your life have.

Treatment of mental health issues in women is further complicated by the presence of additional disorders, such as addiction. It is essential to identify every aspect of the problem experienced in order to provide the type of Christian addiction treatment that is necessary. Too often, women’s mental health issues are brushed aside as merely hormone-related or attention-seeking. This may cause women to hide their symptoms.

Many mental health issues are subject to what is known as the “kindle effect”. This means that the longer they last, the stronger they become. This is a big danger for women who are not taken seriously. Over time, substance abuse symptoms become so debilitating that it becomes impossible to ignore them. Unfortunately, treatment is also more complicated and takes longer.

Early Treatment at Christian Mental Health Treatment for Women

The earlier treatment is in place, the better the chances of recovery. It is important that you or your loved one is given that treatment as early as possible. At New Creation Christian mental health treatment for women, we proudly provide affordable and inclusive treatment for women. Whether the issue is depression, anxiety, addiction, a mood disorder or any other mental health condition, seeking mental health treatment early improves the chances of recovery. This, in turn, allows for a better chance of a productive life.