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Rehab Financing

Rehab financing can help you with your most most valuable asset, your health. Stress over the financial aspects of addiction treatment can sometimes stop a person from reaching out for help. Don’t let money concerns about paying for treatment stop you from getting the help you need to protect your health. New Creation Treatment proudly offers reasonable treatment plans so that we can help as many women in need as possible even if they don’t have insurance for rehab. We want to give our clients the widest range of treatment opportunities we can, so New Creation also offers rehab payment plan programs to make these opportunities a reality.

Don’t Let Financing Stop You From Living

Finding out what your financing options are carries no risk or obligation. All you have to do is take the first step and call to get a head start on your path to sobriety. We will ensure that you are comfortable with the financial plan and that you fully understand all the financial options available to you including insurance for treatment if applicable.

We at New Creation want you to be comfortable with every aspect of your treatment plan, and that includes payment.

There are various payment scheduling and financing plans offered for our various programs. The first step is to take that leap of faith and call. The process doesn’t take long, and you’ll receive a response right away.

Money stresses, added to the weight of addiction and/or mental health issues, can be very discouraging – don’t let it get you down! We can and will work with every patient possible.

A difficult financial situation doesn’t have to be a roadblock to recovery; your drug-free and healthy lifestyle will give you opportunities for saving money and better employment than you’d have while using. Consider alcohol and drug treatment to be an investment in yourself. We want to work with you individually on a plan that will work best for you.