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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Rehab (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at rehab or CBT can be the solution to the stress in this climate. Today’s society exerts many direct and subtle demands upon women. If a woman does not fit into a narrow pigeonhole, she often feels guilt and shame in addition to the social pressures already present.

In many cases, to alleviate these stresses of society, women can find themselves turning to drugs or alcohol. If you find yourself in this dangerous situation, you can attain Christian addiction treatment from New Creation Treatment to help you restore your mental and physical balance.

The Nature of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Rehab

CBT is one form of psychotherapeutic treatment that enables patients to understand the feelings and thoughts that influence their negative behaviors. This therapy is typically used in treating various mental disorders including addiction, anxietydepression and phobia.

Cognitive behavioral therapy at rehab is generally centered on helping patients handle a specific problem. The therapy will help you identify thought patterns that are disturbing and destructive and teach you strategies to control them.

You will be under the care of a psychologist or a psychiatrist during your therapy sessions, and will help you find the inner reasons why you are behaving in your own particular ways.

In CBT, you will learn how to replace negative thoughts and inclinations with positive, happy and productive ones. This will ensure the restoration of your mental as well as physical balance.

“We must take care of our minds because we cannot benefit from beauty when our brains are missing.”

– Euripides

Different Types of CBT Treatment


No matter what type of mental imbalance you are experiencing right now, there is a form of CBT that will treat your condition. There are different types of cognitive behavioral therapy that can be applied to specific types of mental imbalances. They include:

  • Multimodal therapy – based on the concept that human beings have different modalities such as thinking, sensing, acting, interacting, imagining, and feeling which must be addressed individually.
  • Cognitive therapy – based on the concept that behavior, feelings, and thoughts are all connected and must be factored if successful overcoming of negative results is to be achieved.
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy – a comprehensive form of therapy focused on resolving behavioral and emotional problems to help patients lead more fulfilling and happier lives.

“Because of my bipolar disorder, I tend to these mixed states, which are depressed but loud and agitated. So I can be terribly irritable. I go to cognitive behavioral therapy in order not to yell at my children.”
– Ayelet Waldman

Applications of CBT


Cognitive behavioral therapy at rehab is used to treat a wide variety of mental disorders such as

  • Anxiety – the sense of being worried about something that appears to be menacing but is not actually.
  • Addiction – a biological state in which the body has adapted to the presence of a substance or drug wherein the substance or drug is no longer producing the desired effect.
  • Phobia – an excessive and irrational fear of a situation or an object.

Popularity of CBT


Cognitive behavioral therapy became a popular form of recovery program for mentally imbalanced patients because it is focused on a specific goal and the results can be measured very easily.

This form of therapy is best suited for women who are fond of introspection. But for it to be effective, you must be willing to spend time in analyzing your feelings and your thoughts. If you want to recover in a short period of time, you may consider the CBT offered by New Creation Treatment.