Psychoeducational Group

Psychoeducational group can help if you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse and addiction, New Creation Treatment can help you every step of the way. As an exclusive women-only rehab facility, we extend our hand to all mothers, daughters, sisters and wives who wish to gain batter control of their lives.

Being a woman is hard enough on its own; being a woman alcoholic or addict is even more so. Understanding this, a major part of our Christian rehabilitation program is conducting women-oriented psychoeducational groups, which are meant to sensitively meet the unique needs of women during the faith-based recovery process.

What is Psychoeducational Group

Addiction is a mental disorder. Psychoeducation group is primarily focused on educating not only the individuals themselves who are suffering from such mental health issues but also their respective friends and relatives who are actively involved in the desired rehabilitation. In this way, patients feel more empowered and encouraged in optimally and optimistically dealing with their condition.

Psychoeducational group is a particular type of group psychotherapy treatment that:

  • Focuses on the education and awareness of patients regarding their addiction as well as other co-occurring mental health disorders that may be present.
  • Involves a wide variety of ways and approaches to the proper management of such conditions, depending upon each patient’s unique circumstances, background, and history.
  • Applies the basic principles of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), a method that enables patients to effectively deal and cope with their specific condition by assisting them in the gradual process of changing and improving their thought and behavior processes.

What to Expect From Our Psychoeducational Group

Here’s a glimpse into how it all works.

  • Most psychoeducational groups adopt a generally eclectic approach, but you may be assigned to a group with members sharing similar diagnosis and focus.
  • An experienced mental health professional will talk to you and guide you to a better understanding of your specific condition. In the initial session, she will help in: normalizing or stabilizing your experience of anxiety, presenting the general symptoms of behavior, after which she will allow each person in the group to share her own specific symptoms, providing space and leeway for you to personally talk about and share your negative feelings and thoughts, and how your addiction has affected your life, and identifying the treatment program’s goals. She may also provide you with books, brochures, articles or other up-to-date resources necessary.
  • In the succeeding sessions, the following issues will be tackled: realistic and rational thinking to teach that drugs and alcohol are never the solutions, social skills development in preparation for life after rehab, future exposure to temptations post-rehab, and how to resist and handle it, and relapse prevention and management.

The Benefits

While psychoeducational group is but a part of a multidimensional addiction treatment strategy, it has nonetheless been included for a plethora of reasons:

  • It helps patients overcome confusion by debunking myths and misconceptions surrounding their specific condition, and providing correct and accurate facts.
  • It can dramatically educate, empower, inspire and encourage patients toward successful rehabilitation and recovery.
  • It fosters awareness and a clearer understanding for the friends and relatives of patients so that they can be a better support system for their troubled loved ones.

We, at New Creation Treatment, understand the significance of having a strong support group, which is crucial in the often long and bumpy journey to recovery success. Please do contact us now and allow us to help uplift and empower the important women in your lives.

“We cannot, in a moment, get rid of habits of a lifetime.”
– Mahatma Gandhi