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Assessment for Addiction Therapy

Undergoing medical and psychological assessments prior to addiction therapy for alcohol and substance abuse is the essential initial step towards a life of sobriety. Not only does it reveal underlying problems that may hinder the effectiveness of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, but also gives health professionals an idea about the approach and the relevant level of care needed.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”
– Unknown

Through the assessment, the addiction therapist at New Creation rehabs for women can understand not only what you need assistance with, but also get a glimpse of your individuality, and find out why drug and alcohol abuse has become a damaging component of your life. Any circumstance that can persist with your addiction will be identified and noted. Conditions that include symptoms of mental disease, other health issues, spiritual needs, family involvement, and any other possible problems will be uncovered and resolved through addiction therapy.

As one finds addiction centers near me and the journey is unique in many aspects, New Creation drug treatment centers will focus on uncovering any problems associated with your drug and alcohol dependency. This will make the treatment much more effective and worthwhile. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be customized depending on the initial assessments and professionals will give you the right treatment plan that will be effective in eliminating your addiction.

Taking this initial step will help ensure that undisclosed issues will not make your recovery more difficult than it needs to be. Assessment will also allow professionals to work on both problems concurrently and become an addiction helpline.

“Recovery is something that you have to work on every single day and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off.”
– Demi Lovato

Assessments Included in Addiction Therapy

  • Medical Evaluation – Medical evaluation gives healthcare professionals an idea of any issues associated with your physical health.  This can be primarily important in uncovering any other critical issues that may obstruct the effectiveness of the treatment.   Medical evaluation paints a picture of your total wellbeing.
  • Psychological Testing – Psychological testing is an assessment to measure your behavior, feelings, beliefs, personality, and abilities.  It can also uncover the reason why you are having this particular type of problem.  It also tests for the presence of other issues including depression, anxiety, anger management, and vulnerability to stress.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation – Psychiatric evaluation is a comprehensive test that taps into your physical, behavioral, and cognitive history.  Testing involves an extensive interview wherein the healthcare professional will conclude with a psychiatric diagnosis.   This can be very helpful in uncovering issues that may have led you to such problems.
  • Brain Wellness – Brain wellness is effective in addressing disorders often associated with brain functions.  It is an integrated approach towards the brain and overall well-being.  This is also a natural way of answering issues such as depression and mood swings, irritability, anxiety, lack of motivation and so on.
  • Cognitive Testing – Cognitive testing or intelligence test is effective in pointing out any cognitive impairment that may co-exist with the issue you currently have.  Testing often involves measurement of your rationale, cognizance, and attention skills.  It is also effective in diagnosing non-memory triggers including depression, and personality change among others.
  • Cognitive Retraining – Cognitive retraining reduces cognitive issues often related to brain problems and disabilities.   It lessens everyday problems you may encounter when you have a cognitive disorder, therefore, improving your quality of life.  Cognitive retraining is a therapeutic approach in restoring cognitive and intellectual skills.
  • Pharmacogenetic Testing – Pharmacogenetic testing is a way of assessing your body’s level of response towards a certain medication.  This gives medical professionals a picture of how your body will react to a certain drug based on your genetic makeup and the known responses.
  • Toxicology Testing – Toxicology testing analyzes the level of drugs and other chemicals found in your system and will be used by a drug rehab near me. This can be important in determining drug intoxication or overdose that can be dangerous to your health.  It also discloses the severity drugs have damaged your body.