Rehab Psychiatric Evaluation

Rehab psychiatric evaluation is important as mental health disorders are some of the most difficult problems to evaluate since they involve the intricacies of the mind. In order to put a grip on such problems, the medical profession has developed the process of rehab psychiatric evaluation, and this is what New Creation Treatment can deliver to our patients.

For the layman, it could mean being examined by a “shrink” but for mental health practitioners, it is the only way by which they can gauge the mental condition of a patient as they try to come up with better and more effective solutions to her mental illness.

In case you or any of your loved ones are referred to this examination, you need to know what you are up to, and what you can expect. But there is no need to worry. This type of evaluation is by our expert health professionals to help you address your present problems.

What is Rehab Psychiatric Evaluation?

There are many similarities between a medical evaluation and a psychiatric examination. If you go into a medical examination, a physician may ask you to undergo certain medical procedures such as urine, blood and X-ray tests to ascertain the cause or causes of your physical problems.

With psychiatric tests, you will be asked to undergo certain mental examinations to determine the cause or causes of your mental issues. The mental health professional, who could either by a psychiatrist or psychologist, will probe your mind through some mental tests and mental assessment tools to observe and gauge your mental capacities or behavior.

In both cases, the initial evaluation is done so that the medical or mental health professional can assess your present condition and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Why Is It Necessary?

There are many reasons why we should perform a psychiatric evaluation.

  • To determine if a person has mental disorders
  • This is especially true with children who manifest impaired learning characteristics.
  • If a person has difficulty maintaining relationships at home, school or work
  • When a person is constantly having troubles with his family members, school or workmates, he or she needs to be examined to determine the cause of this problematic behavior.
  • To determine if a person has emotional disorders
  • When a person is always anxious or is always feeling depressed, a psychiatric evaluation will help in determining the presence of a disorder.

What Is Included In This Evaluation?

The mental evaluation performed may include the following components:

  • Interview information – the information obtained from you during the initial and subsequent interviews
  • Informal surveys and tests
  • Your medical records
  • Psychiatric or psychological tests that are norm-referenced

No Need to Fear

You should not worry about a rehab psychiatric evaluation. It is designed to help you outline your mental issues. For instance, if you are a drug addict or a substance abuser, a psychiatric evaluation can help us formulate the best course of treatment that combines the latest psychiatric techniques with our faith-based programs.

But without this type of mental assessment, you will be relegated to treatment modalities that are not really effective in getting the addiction out of your system.