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Sub-Acute Detox Options

Sub-Acute Detox is the first step if you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. You don’t have to suffer alone and there is women’s detox treatment that you can seek. One of the first steps in drug or alcohol addiction treatment is the detox process. This is the process of getting all of the toxins out of your body. Along with this can come many symptoms of withdrawal that are often hard to deal with, especially alone. Our team of experts can help you to cope and get through the process. There are several detox options that will be offered to you.

There are many symptoms of drug and alcohol detox that can be a major hurdle for those seeking inpatient alcohol rehabs. Depending on the drug or drugs being detoxed, some of these symptoms could include:

  • Sweating profusely and uncontrollably may be noticeable.
  • Severe nausea may be present during detox.
  • Muscle aches and pains could be a symptom.
  • Stomach cramping and chills could be an issue.
  • Mild to moderate fever may be present during the detox process.
  • Headaches of a varied degree might be noticeable.
  • Vomiting is not uncommon.
  • Hallucinations may occur during the process.
  • Dizziness is sometimes a symptom.
  • Disorientation can be present during the process.
  • Dry mouth and dehydration could occur.
Having the support needed to address issues during detox is essential to the success of the individual and moving on to outpatient drug rehab for additional support.

Support is the Key to Successful Sub-Acute Detox

Some of the sub-acute detox options we offer include connecting you to medications to assist with the symptoms of withdrawal, massage therapy to ease the symptoms and acupuncture to help with any pain or discomfort. We will be carefully monitoring your process so that you are safe and able to get through the process with no major medical issues. Many drugs like heroin addiction, Xanax, benzos and alcohol usually always require detox. Drug detox programs can provide you with the assistance you need to get through the withdrawals safely and direct your progress in a positive way. Whether it is inpatient drug detox or inpatient drug detox, we can help you get the results necessary to lay the foundation for good progress.

A Nurturing and Honest Environment

Drug addiction detox can be a major hurdle to get over and we understand that both you and your family will be affected. Our nurturing and honest method of dealing with your situation will allow you to feel comfortable confiding in us. Whether you choose full detox or sub-acute detox, we can work with you to make sure you are not taking on more than you can handle. Every person goes through different detox symptoms and you will work with our team to be aware of your situation. We are prepared to deal with whatever comes along during the process and won’t leave you dealing with things on your own. Don’t wait to get the help you need because you are concerned about the detox or withdrawal portion of the process. You can get your life back and we can help you to do it in a safe environment.

Getting the help that is necessary is about more than just having a place to be during the process. Working through how you got to where you are and trying to figure out how to avoid possible pitfalls in the future is an important step. We are able to help you to put all of the pieces together and create a path that you can count on. Complete recovery starts with your detox process and ensuring that you are healthy throughout the detox. We understand that you need to treat more than just the physical aspects of your addiction in order to find long-term recovery.

Choosing a detox option that fit your situation is going to allow you a better chance at success. Whether you choose a sub-acute detox, inpatient, or outpatient treatment, you need to choose to work with a facility that has experience. Find success with the right detox option and start off on the right foot. The journey before you is one that you don’t have to take alone. You also don’t have to do it the same way as everyone else. We can help you find the right way for your life.