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Ecstasy Rehab Addiction Treatment Program

Ecstasy rehab is very popular for this new crop of party drugs. Recreational drugs are a very devious lot. They hide under the clothes of entertainment, but their adverse effects are soon discovered. It’s easier than you think to become addicted and the only way to get out of ecstasy addiction is through the help of specialized ecstasy rehab.

What is brain wellness?

MDMA, more popularly known as ecstasy is a synthetic and psychoactive drug which is very similar and mimics methamphetamine addiction. When ingested, it induces the feelings of excitement and euphoria, increases your energy, produces emotional warmth, but also distorts your perception of time.

Ecstasy also is called by the street names Molly, Beans, White Nothing, XTC, Hug Drug, Wafers, E, Rolls, Beans and 4 Dot.

Being in the form of a pill or capsule, it is usually taken orally. It is consumed by those who are fond of the night club scene and dance parties they call raves. Now, ecstasy drug addiction has gone widespread and is taken by lots of people, many of whom don’t go to clubs or raves. Users sometimes take it together with other substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana, or alcohol, any of which can cause a dangerous interaction.

Ecstasy can adversely affect your mind and your body. It has short and long-term effects that can only be treated through ecstasy abuse treatment. Here are some of the things you will immediately experience after you have taken this drug:

  • Your blood pressure and heart rate will increase
  • You will experience dehydration
  • You will be confused
  • You will feel hot
  • You will feel depressed
  • You may experience sleeping problems
  • You will uncontrollably grind your teeth

Aside from the immediate effects, regular use of ecstasy will also expose you to the following long term effects:

  • Brain damage – the nerve endings of your brain, which is important for memory and thinking will be adversely affected
  • Drug craving
  • Paranoia
  • Production of serotonin will be impaired, causing you to have problems with your appetite, sleep, mood and memory
  • Severe anxiety

These are the symptoms and consequences that make treatment for ecstasy very important. Before you experience any of the above, take care of yourself at

What to Expect in Ecstasy Rehab Addiction Treatment

If you are already decided on getting treatment for your ecstasy addiction, you need to understand what is waiting for you at the rehab center. Realizing what to expect will make the process less daunting.

You will be examined physically by a general practitioner. This is to establish the presence of cocaine in your system and at what level. You will also be examined by a mental health provider who could be a psychiatrist or a psychologist. This will establish your present mental state and if there are any co-existing problems that caused your addiction.

After the initial examination, you will undergo a detox of your system. This will get rid of all the traces of your addiction. Be prepared for a difficult time when you go into detox. But with our caring help, after you’ve passed through this stage, your rehab progress can begin fresh.

After the detoxification, our staff will take over and provide you the next step in your treatment for ecstasy addiction. He or she will provide the therapies that will help rid you of your drug problem. This may be in the form of individual or group therapy and includes prayer and other Christian addiction treatment techniques.