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Depression Treatment Program for Women

Depression treatment program for women is needed when depression is keeping you from living your life. Feeling sadness or depression on occasion is totally normal. Feeling depression in response to loss, a struggle or poor self-esteem is simply part of life. When these feelings of sadness become intense and lasting, when they turn to feelings of intense hopelessness and worthlessness and when they begin to last for days and weeks, hampering your ability to function normally, this is when your depression has become something more than simple sadness. Clinical depression in women is an entirely treatable condition, not something to feel embarrassed by. There are depression treatment program for women out there if you are suffering, but the first step is to understand what it is that you are facing.

Understanding Depression

According to the manual used to diagnose and treat mental conditions like depression, the DSM-V, depression can be marked by the following symptoms:
  • A depressed mood throughout most of the day, especially in the morning
  • Impaired concentration and indecisiveness
  • Fatigue nearly every day
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Insomnia, or hypersomnia
  • Diminished interest in previously loved activities and hobbies
  • Sense of restlessness
  • Sense of slowing down
  • Significant weight gain or weight loss
  • Recurrent thoughts of suicide or death

One of the most significant signs of depression is that you suddenly lose interest in the things that you were once most interested in. To be diagnosed with depression, these signs should be persistent either through most of the day, or most days for at least two weeks, and they should be significant enough to cause impairment in your everyday functionality.

Depression Statistics Worth Noting

  • It is important to realize that if you’re suffering from depression, you’re not alone. Consider the following:
  • Major depressive disorder is presently impacting approximately 14.8 million adults in the United States alone or around 6.7% of the United States population over the age of 18.
  • The median onset age of major depressive disorder is 32 years old.
  • One in every 33 children and one in every eight adolescents has been diagnosed with some form of clinical depression.
  • People who have been diagnosed with depression have been found to be four times more likely to develop serious medical conditions including heart attack as those without. This means if you’re suffering from depression, now is the time to get some help.  After a heart attack, these individuals are at a significantly increased risk of second heart attack or death according to the NIMH’s study in 1998.
  • Studies have also shown that depression co-occurs with a variety of other illnesses and medical conditions including diabetes, substance abuse, eating disorders, Parkinson’s disease, HIV, heart attack, strokes and cancer according to the NIHM.

There is Help at Depression Treatment Program for Women

One of the most prevalent issues facing people today is depression. This is often especially true in women faced with guilt and shame of their situation. In fact, these factors can make it difficult for women to seek the help that they need to get on a positive path in their lives. Depression is a very real condition that is often confused with physical ailments. Many people do not realize the physical aspects of suffering from depression. The body can become fatigued, sore and your immune system can be challenged. There is help for dealing with and recovering from your depression.

New Creation Christian depression treatment program for women provide a depression treatment program that can help you get back the life you used to have. We understand the challenges that face an individual suffering from depression as part of signs of withdrawal. Working with you to find out exactly how you developed to your current situation is essential. We want to be sure that you understand what you are going through and that you can freely discuss the issues. It is also very important that we implement your family into your treatment process. They can be a big support system for you if they understand what you are going through and what to expect. There are many treatment options available for alcoholism and depression and not very one is fit for every person. Whether it is medication combined with therapy or some other resource that you need, our program will help you to fit it to your needs.

Finding help with your depression is well within range when you have a qualified depression treatment program for women. We work with a wide range of options to help you get the best possible results. Providing you with a safe place to manage your symptoms and the process of learning how to deal with them is an important part of what we do. You don’t have to suffer from depression all alone. Contact us today to find out how we can best help you. Gain control over your life and learn how to manage issues that come along.