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McCarty House

No one ever wants to see a person they care about battle for their life with an addiction. While it would make us miserable to see it, it is far worse for the addict. Most addicts want to seek out help but are not sure how, and that is where McCarty House comes in.

The battle between right and wrong to the addict is a constant war being waged in the addict’s head, so we help show the addict that right means getting help and getting their life back. We understand that this conflict with them is ongoing, so we try and take that battle out of the equation and get them started along the healthy path as soon as they contact us.

About McCarty House

McCarty House is located east of L.A. in the gorgeous Reche Canyon part of Southern California. This leaves clients who stay at McCarty House with the ability to relax with the serene views while working on fixing the issues within themselves. We employ only highly trained and experienced staff so that addicts have the resources they need to not only get sober but to stay that way. We can help addicts through detoxification and withdrawals, making sure that the process is supervised and safe.

Where is McCarty House ?

2511 McCarty Drive
Colton, CA 92324 USA

Open: 24 Hours
Phone: 909-726-5876

Personalized Treatment Plans

We first evaluate each person that comes to McCarty House to make sure we know precisely what they need, then we set up a treatment plan that is unique to what they are going through. There are resources available from day one at intake, until the day the addict is ready to move on, and even afterward if they still want our help. We provide many different programs, including:

Understanding Detox

It is never as simple to stop using drugs or drinking as to just give up what you are doing. It can actually be dangerous to just stop using your substance of choice. You should be supervised during this process, and sometimes, even be tapered off of whatever substances you were using, to keep yourself safe. That is what we provide at McCarty House. We support your reach to get past your addiction, and we are right there with you, each step of the way.

When you are ready to get your addiction behind you and go back to controlling your fate, call us at McCarty House – we can help.