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Rehab Nutritionist on Site

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
– Hippocrates

Rehab nutritionist on site helps a lot since people often dismiss psychological disorders as an illness that can only be treated with drugs and therapy. What they don’t know is that addiction and mental illness take a toll not only on a person’s psyche but also on one’s body. Needless to say, nutrition is an important part of recovery. A nutritionist on our site can greatly help a former addict deal with his or her condition and help with relapse prevention.

Effects of Mental Illness or Substance Abuse to a Person’s Body

Being depressed or having a dependence on a certain substance doesn’t only affect a person’s neurological wiring. Often, an addict’s or a patient’s body can also be ravaged by the addiction or mental illness especially during drug or alcohol detox.

  • Addiction and Mental Illness Leads to Malnourishment. Addicts and people who suffer from mental illness, more often than not, put the least priority on eating right and exercising.  For addicts, getting their next high is of utmost importance.  More often than not because of the need to chase a fix, getting a proper meal is left by the wayside.
  • Addiction and Mental Illness Affect the Liver and the Immune System. The medications used to treat mental illness have serious and unfavorable effects in the body.  Prolonged exposure to prescribed or illegal drugs can take a toll on a person’s physiology, specifically the immune system and the liver.

Rehab Nutritionist Promotes Wellness While Dealing With Mental Illness and Addiction

Getting back on the right track in terms and nutrition does not have to be complicated. Below are a few simple ways to improve your health while dealing with mental illness and addiction:

  • Hydrate. Water does wonders for the body.  Getting your daily dose of eight glasses a day would surely improve your disposition and your health.
  • Indulge in Good Food. Good and healthy meals do not have to taste like cardboard.  Do your research and do not be afraid to eat and indulge in only the best and most delicious foods.
  • Seek out a professional. Eating healthy and committing to a lifestyle change can be difficult.  Thankfully, centers like New Creations Detox are equipped with a rehab nutritionist onsite that can help assist patients into a better relationship with their bodies.