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Prescription Drug Rehab Center

Prescription drug rehab helps anyone who may have started with a legitimate prescription from a doctor but now finds themselves dependent on more and more pills.  While most people cannot wait to stop taking medications for their ailments, there are those who keep on using them even when it is no longer necessary. Abuse of prescription drugs has been probably one of the most often neglected types of chemical dependency considering that they can be legally acquired from legitimate pharmacies.

Some studies have shown that women are more susceptible to abusing prescription drugs, particularly sedatives, tranquilizers and anti-anxiety drugs. It is easy to become dependent on the effects of these medicines considering that they are able to numb the person from feeling emotional pain and other psychological issues. Unfortunately, just like other chemical substances, the “pleasurable” effects will only last for a short while, but the eventual effects are harmful and long-lived. Soon, the chemically dependent can experience detachment from social relationships, job or marital issues, more psychological problems, and even physiological concerns.

Trying to recover from prescription drug addiction without going through the formal recovery program is highly dangerous. Detoxification should only be carried out under the supervision of skilled professionals; otherwise, the safety of the substance-dependent would be at risk. New Creation Treatment has a Christian prescription drug addiction treatment program that assists patients, especially women, from the prescription drug detox to residential to aftercare.

Process and Effects of Prescription Drug Rehab

Individuals who are dependent on prescription drugs, but intend on freeing themselves from this life-threatening habit should undergo the process of Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in a rehabilitation facility. Our recovery program is composed of the following processes:

Detoxification – this stage aims to rid the body of all remnants and traces of the abused substance. Depending on the severity of the addiction, the rehabilitation team can prescribe medication, diet changes, and other interventions to make the withdrawal process more bearable.

Rehabilitation – after ensuring that all traces of drugs are safely flushed out from all systems of the body, the process of rehabilitation will follow. At New Creation Treatment, the rehabilitation plan is unique for every patient. The components and length of prescription drug rehab are all dependent on the individual needs of the patient.

Continuing care – recovering patients need to be equipped with effective coping skills in order to successfully integrate themselves into society once again and these strategies are instilled during this phase.

Prescription drug dependence creates a lot of personal, emotional, and health problems. Fortunately, Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment is an effective program to counter all its negative impact. During the entire process, patients learn how to regain control over their lives and how to manage difficult situations in a healthy manner, among others.

Post-Treatment Scenario

The process of recovery from drug addiction is a long-term undertaking. Patients who completed all the steps required of their rehabilitation plan are not truly “done” – ever.

At the end of the day nobody, neither the counselors nor the patients can fully discount the possibility of relapse that is why getting by drug-free every day is critical. This is the reason why after undergoing formal Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment, New Creation Treatment is constantly in touch with the recovering patient for aftercare support such as the conduct of regular group therapy, support group meetings, and meditations.

If you are a woman currently struggling with prescription drug addiction, New Creation Treatment is the treatment facility for you. Our skilled and highly experienced counselors and health personnel understand that women have specific needs, struggles and expectations that other “gender-neutral” programs may not be able to provide. Get in touch with us immediately so you can readily start your recovery journey.