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Christian IOP Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center for Women

IOP treatment or Intensive Outpatient Program is a treatment procedure wherein it does not require the patient to stay in-house. It is an intensive program, yet it only requires 10-12 hours per week from the patient. The program conveniently caters around the patient’s availability. This enables her to go on with normal daily activities during the morning or night time.

Christian IOP treatment programs can either be conducted in a group or individually. This depends on the schedule of the patients. On the other hand, you could also request for a private session if you feel that it would be easier on your part. Studies have shown that individual therapy for drug dependent clients has produced more positive results over therapies done in groups.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Side effects of taking drugs

Drug addiction will certainly put you through hell. Aside from destroying your body, it also destroys your life and that of your immediate relatives. It ruins a person’s social life. A drug addict often struggles to be productive or make proper judgments.  It has been proven that people who are using drugs have a tendency to be more violent and unpredictable.

“Drugs take you to hell, disguised as heaven.”
– Donald Lynn Frost

It can also be observed that a person’s physical health deteriorates at an amazing rate. It can have terrible effects on the skin and teeth. Aside from that, their internal organs begin to suffer as well. The liver, the heart, and the brain are among the most vulnerable organs damaged by the use of illegal drugs.

Relationships are also damaged by drug abuse. Illegal substances separate mothers from their children, father from his family, brothers and sisters are torn apart, friends distance themselves, and ultimately drugs turn you against yourself.

A change for the better

This statement is very powerful in relation to drug addiction. Destroying that which destroys you is one of the means by which you could get out of the mess that you are in. One way of doing so is through IOP treatment. Getting someone to help you is one of the best ways begin recovery. Overcoming your dependency can give you another shot in life.

More than a cure for a disease, addiction recovery plans like IOP alcohol treatment and Christian IOP drug treatment help you change your life. In short, it is like getting another chance to become a better person. It is not going to be easy in the beginning, but in the end, it will be worth all your effort.

“Destroy what destroys you.”
– Unknown

How can IOP treatment help me?

IOP treatment offers you the chance to set your life straight. It offers you the chance to mend those broken relationships. It offers you the chance to become a productive member of the society. It offers you a normal and happy life.

IOP treatment can help you correct your mistakes. It will not be easy, but let us help you along the way. Contact us now and we will be happy to have you.