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Therapy for Substance Abuse

Therapy for substance abuse can also address mental illness like depression and anxiety. When every day is spent fearing, worrying, and searching for something that makes the patient a little bit happier it can be torture.

The thing is; every one of us is looking for that thing that can make us satisfied and “happy” in the real essence of the word. Far too often an addiction or a mental health disorder can act like a fog, making it impossible to find that elusive happiness. This is where a grave depression kicks in.

Thankfully, New Creation Treatment has created effective and holistic treatment to address this widespread problem, using individualized treatment plans for therapy for substance abuse to help our clients explore the roots of their issue and fight back effectively.

Elements of therapy for substance abuse and mental disorders

New Creation Treatment has been servicing patients who are suffering from substance abuse and other forms of mental illnesses. Our most effective approaches involve therapeutic elements such as:

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Brief Strategic Family Therapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Psychoeducational Groups
  • Experiential Therapies

The importance of these elements in your journey

Therapy for substance abuse are all performed in conjunction, each addressing the gravity of the patient’s condition. Before undergoing these procedures, our experienced drug therapists will assess the patient and decide which method or methods will work best.

With this program, you will gradually:

  • Understand the root cause of the problem and address it accordingly with proven and tested techniques.
  • Truly understand life problems as they are and be able to solve them without having to resort to drugs all over again.
  • Improve your ability to decide wisely, to cope, and to move on from a troubling situation.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Substance abuse is a treatable disease. Through our CBT treatment, you will have a practical solution to develop your problem-solving skills wisely by getting at the root cause of it. This program works by changing one’s view toward problems through centering one’s attention to positive beliefs, attitudes, and emotions.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Focusing on the problem will not solve it; rather looking at the reasons on why you want to be treated is the real solution. Why do you want to be freed from the clutches of drugs and depression? Your conscious answer can be our foundation to finding tranquility all over again.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy

Allowing your dear-most people to join with you on your journey to healing is one of the most effective and enduring solutions to address a mental disorder. It is designed in a way to give your family tools to strengthen your relationship and be able to lift everyone up from being in a distressed condition.

“Clouds come floating into my life no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
– Rabindranath Tagore


EMDR Therapy

While the traditional counseling is still undeniably effective in treating a depression and trauma, innovative approaches such as EMDR Therapy is now an in-demand medium to combating traumatic and stressful conditions. Through eye movements, your past traumatic experiences can be addressed.


Psychoeducational Groups

Some people may know the problem, and others may be in utter denial. Educating oneself about one’s disorder is one sure way to address phobia, trauma, substance abuse, and depression. Moreover, speaking your experiences to psychoeducational group can unload your burden and be more confident to achieve successful recovery.


Experiential Therapies as Therapy for Substance Abuse

Many times tradition talk therapy is not the most effective way to approach a mental health issue or addiction recovery treatment plan. By focusing on a task or experience such as hiking, music, art, acting/role playing, or others, patients can work on expressing themselves in non-traditional ways.