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Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program

Cocaine abuse and addiction are still a huge problem for America. They accounted for nearly 6% of all drug rehab treatments in 2013. About 68% of the population seeking cocaine addiction treatment are likely to have smoked crack and could also be polydrug users.

If you’re becoming addicted to cocaine, you need to know the dangers you are courting. You need to seek help from cocaine treatment centers such as New Creations Treatment, which has a very effective Christian cocaine treatment program that can help you recover, no matter how extensive your addiction to this dangerous drug is.

The Dangers of Cocaine

When you’re getting addicted to cocaine, you will develop a both a physical and a psychological dependence on the drug. You are more likely to develop this dependence if you have been using it for far too long.

Cocaine Treatment Program

Once you regularly consume this dangerous drug, there will be some adverse changes that will occur in your brain. It causes chemical changes in your brain that cannot just be magically removed by any kind of detox. You need to realize the following risks in taking cocaine:

  • Overdose – this is the number one risk of taking cocaine regularly. A majority of deaths attributed to this drug is caused by overdose, especially when mixed with alcoholic drinks.  There is no safe dose of cocaine.   Even if you have just ingested a small amount, you stand the risk of getting an overdose.   A lot depends on your physical conditions.
  • Damage to your nose – you stand the risk of damaging your nose if you inhale coke regularly. It will perforate the septum, which is a thin layer that separates your nostrils.   Those who snort coke regularly, usually experience nosebleeds.   There are heavy users who have inadvertently dissolved their septum by continuously inhaling cocaine.
  • Stroke and heart problems – when you snort coke, there will be a spike in your pulse rate as well as your blood pressure. This is happening because your blood vessels will constrict due to the effect of the drug.

“Some of the largest companies are now using brain scans to study how we react neurologically to certain foods, especially to sugar. They’ve discovered that the brain lights up for sugar the same way it does for cocaine.”
– Michael Moss

Types of Cocaine Rehab Programs

Before any serious damage happens to your brain and your body, you need to seek the right cocaine withdrawal treatment offered at a cocaine abuse treatment center. Here are some types of treatment for cocaine that you may need to undergo:

  • Medical detox – to take out all traces of cocaine in your system
  • Behavioral therapy – to change your negative behaviors
  • Cognitive therapy – to help you identify the root causes of your addiction
  • Group therapy – using a group of recovering addicts to help you
  • Counseling – including Christian faith-based treatment, and individual, family and group counseling

Rehab for cocaine usually takes several months or even longer depending on your level of addiction. To get long term results, therapy should be done even after the formal treatment period. This will prevent incidences of relapse and help you towards a full recovery.

“I, the unfortunate Doctor Polyakov, who became addicted to morphine in February of this year, warn anyone who may suffer the same fate not to attempt to replace morphine with cocaine. Cocaine is a most foul and insidious poison. Yesterday Anna barely managed to revive me with camphor injections and today I am half dead.”
– Mikhail Bulgakov

Benefits of Cocaine Addiction Rehab

There are many benefits you can derive from undergoing rehab in cocaine rehab centers. You will be able to prevent incidences of relapses, your physical and mental balance will be restored and you will be able to live the rest of your life cocaine and drug-free.