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Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction treatment programs address the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addiction and untreated mental illness in our society. Although the demographics of those in need of women’s rehab centers are quite variable, comprising of all ages, ethnicities, locations, and income, all of these individual and different people share one thing in common: they are in dire need of help getting drug and alcohol rehab, and women’s mental health treatment.

With the goal of helping our mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters who are fighting tooth and nail against the destructive disease of addiction, New Creation Treatment offers drug and alcohol treatment for women both inpatient vs outpatient.

New Creation’s Principles of Treatment

Through our women’s rehab centers, our patients can gain the tools and techniques to overcome an addiction or mental health diagnosis. Among the benefits:

  • Getting employment or improving your career.
  • Creating and rebuilding healthy relationships.
  • Reducing personal risk from poor decision making.
  • Leading a fuller, more meaningful and drug-free life.
Drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed to give control of a life back to the addict. Control of your actions. Control over your decisions. The recurring nature of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction mean that many clients feel powerless to resist. This means treatment must include individual focus plus lots of patience in exploring various approaches and methods of treatment, all for long-lasting sobriety.

Women’s drug treatment will vary on a case-to-case basis, depending on each patient’s unique histories, backgrounds, and needs, as well as the response they demonstrate to certain treatment approaches. We can accept Kaiser insurance, HMO insurance and PPO insurance as well as private pay plans. A stay at addiction treatment centers for women may be required for some of our patients, whereas sub-acute detox or outpatient treatment may be the best course of action for others.

At New Creation, our Christian addiction treatment experts evaluate a patient’s unique needs before prescribing the best, most appropriate recommendation for treatment. They use their professional and personal experience to provide a sound and accurate drug and alcohol treatment plan, created with our client’s personal needs in mind. We are an abstinence based program but offer suboxone detox if medically required.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

What makes New Creation stand out from other addiction treatment programs is the caring nature, empathy, and compassion of its professional medical staff. We make every effort to provide the most comfortable, safest space possible for the mothers, daughters, wives, and friends who enter our care.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The bottle takes too many of the people in our lives away from us. Alcohol addiction is a tough but beatable disease. If there are women in your life who are struggling with alcohol addiction, Her House’s treatment centers for women could be the solution.

Detox Options

Detox is a necessary step to manage withdrawal and begin recovery. It will not be easy, but New Creation makes it as safe and comfortable as possible. By undergoing this alcohol and drug rehab requirement, you are one step closer to successful recovery and sobriety.

Drug Detox

Drugs can take over your life. They have always destroyed people – physically, psychologically and socially. New Creation women’s treatment centers can get you started on the path to a drug-free, happy, healthy life.

Alcohol Detox

New Creation women’s addiction treatment center understands that alcohol addiction is a treatable disease. Giving up alcohol is never easy, but with a little help from the experts and support from other women who have “been there and done that,” it is achievable. Our medically-assisted detox is a great option to help you do just that.

Sub-Acute Detox

Understanding that women are prone to suffer from co-occurring mental health issues aside from their alcohol or drug addiction, Her House makes use of sub-acute detox. This is method is a non-hospitalized, less intense detox for patients with less severe addictions.