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Aftercare Treatment Programs

Aftercare treatment programs are the missing link when someone completes drug or alcohol treatment and is ready to return to normal schedule. When people are suffering from a psychological condition such as depression or anxiety, they turn to alcoholism or a drug dependence to help them cope with it. This is called self-treatment or self-medication. In the recovery world, it is known as a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis program is designed to help you recover from both of these issues simultaneously, because recovering from the mental issues will not automatically solve the substance abuse issues, and resolving the substance abuse issues will not automatically remedy the mental health issues. You must address both issues simultaneously in order to best prevent them from recurring.

Group Support at Aftercare Treatment Programs

One of the greatest supports a woman in recovery can have is to be part of a group of other women who fully understand the challenges involved in recovery through aftercare treatment programs. Our Christian based program offers many chapters to accommodate the needs and schedules of the women who seek our help. We strive to make peer support as easily attainable as possible. This accounts for our variety of meeting times. We want to be here for you.

How Groups Help

Ideally, a woman in recovery will have friends and family she can turn to on her road to recovery. However well-meaning these people are, they may not totally understand the emotions involved in recovery. By regularly meeting with others who have faced the same issues and are currently on the same road to recovery, a woman can feel understood. Those group members who have gotten further from their addiction can offer advice, guidance, and support that even the best-meaning non-addict can – simply because they have been there. A recovery support group is one of the best tools for recovery a woman can have in aftercare treatment programs.

Reach Out to Aftercare Treatment Programs

Our program is based on the 12-Step program model. The first steps are to admit there is a problem and then reach out and accept the help that is offered. We are here to help you start your healing journey. All you need to do is acknowledge your need and reach out to the hand we offer.