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Marijuana Rehab Addiction Treatment Program

Marijuana rehab is the answer to one of the most abused drugs in the US. Belonging to the plant species also known as hemp, the cannabis or marijuana plant is both legally and illegally grown all over the country. Some people use this plant for medical purposes, while most use it as a recreational drug. What makes this plant dangerous is that it causes paranoia and impairs a person’s response and motor skills, in addition to being a gateway drug. Using marijuana also causes:

  • Euphoria
  • Redness of the eyes
  • Increased appetite
  • Uncontrolled urge to laugh
  • Short term memory loss
  • Relaxation
  • Increased blood pressure, and
  • Increased heart rate

The chemical THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical culprit that causes these side effects. Although there are other hemp species that are also used in fiber and clothing industry, these varieties of hemp do not contain or have very little THC in them. Compared to cannabis sativa, these other hemp species cannot cause the same intoxicating effects. This is because of the lack of THC.

THC levels determine the intoxicating capacity of a plant. Some marijuana plants can contain as much as 20% THC. Marijuana enthusiasts are trying to develop other methods of growing the plant wherein it can increase the THC levels produced by the plant. Despite becoming legal in more and more states across the US it really can be compared to alcohol in that it is legal but still dangerous to a productive life. Recovery programs like New Creation Treatment can help you break the cycle of marijuana dependence if you seek it.

Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana abuse has led to numerous health issues, which include cardiovascular problems, heart attacks, mental disorders, physiological problems, and drug dependency. It has also been reported that consuming marijuana during pregnancy affects the development of the baby. Due to these bad effects, Christian marijuana rehab centers have been established all over the country. The government supports the establishment of marijuana rehab centers as it is beneficial for those people who are looking for professional help in order for them to combat their addiction. As of today, there are three primary methods that are being used for marijuana addiction treatment.

Contingency Management—this method is widely used in all sorts of substance abuse rehabilitation including outpatient drug rehab. Marijuana abuse treatment also employs this procedure as it has been providing positive results. To make it simple, this method of treatment uses a reward and punishment scheme. Every time a patient behaves in a manner that the therapists require or every time he/she accomplishes a milestone, a reward is given to the patient. This encourages the person to change his habits and behavior, which ultimately progresses towards becoming drug-free.

Motivational enhancement—this therapy depends more on the person’s will to change. What the therapist does is to agitate that will or desire so that the person would initiate that needed change from within. The key here is motivation and that is what the therapist provides. Positive reinforcement and motivation are core tenets of our Christian rehab program.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy—this form of therapy addresses the person’s behavior and perception. It aims to change how a person sees and handles situations wherein drug use is triggered. It also aims to address issues that occur along with the drug use problem.
These methods had been proven to work for a lot of patients who had been addicted to various substances. To suppress marijuana addiction, support from family, friends and professionals are essential in recovering from the psychological addiction.