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PHP Treatment for Women

“Drugs are the enemies of ambition and hope, and when we fight against drugs, we are fighting for the future.”
–Bob Riley

PHP treatment for women is a program meant for those people who are using illegal drugs yet do not need full hospitalization for detox. Partial Hospitalization Programs or PHP aim to rehabilitate people who are in the early stages of drug addiction. The program, conducted at New Creation Christian PHP Treatment Center, allows the patient to go back home after every session.

Christian PHP treatment is very convenient as it allows you to go on with your daily responsibilities while giving you the proper care and support so that you can overcome your drug habit. This program is meant to give a person a structured support system, which is geared towards a faster recovery. Because the patient is allowed to stay home, they are able to maintain social interaction with their friends and family. This provides them with a positive atmosphere and thus, encouraging them to continue on with the treatment process and is covered by HMO insurance and PPO insurance.

The dangers of illegal drugs

“Drugs kill the pain, and the joy, and the hope, and the body, and the brain, and finally, the soul.”

Illegal substances are illegal for a number of very good reasons and these are as follows:

It is utterly harmful. Harmful not only to oneself but also to others. Illegal drugs have been the cause of serious troubles for a lot of people—to those who are into drugs and those who are in close proximity of the drug abuser. Some of them who are affected by the drug problem despite being straight, are those people who are living close to those who are taking these illegal substances. Neighbors, family members, friends, and even strangers – literally everyone is in harm’s way.

It destroys the body of the abuser. Different substances cause different health problems. One of the most dangerous substances being used by drug addicts is “meth” or methamphetamine. Prolonged use of the substance causes brain damage, cardiovascular disorders, deterioration of social life, “meth mouth” and eventually death. However, any illegal and many legal drugs have just as serious health consequences.

Drug abusers endanger the lives of those who are not using drugs. That is because once a drug user is high on drugs, they often lose control over their emotions and intelligence. No one can predict the behavior of a drugged out person. There are instances wherein a drug user becomes moody and violent, and there are times when they become hyperactive and unruly. This often causes accidents, damage to lives, property, and society.

PHP Treatment for Women – It’s not too late to change

“You are helpful, and you are loved, and you are forgiven, and you are not alone.”
– John Green

Those who have gone through the path of drug use to numb pain or fill loneliness understand that there is ultimately no satisfaction in it. It does not fulfill one’s craving for happiness. But there’s good news! It is not too late to change. You can get your life back. At New Creation Christian recovery through PHP Treatment, we can provide you with the first step towards the right direction. Help us bring your life back to normal. Let us help you with recovery. Call now to learn more about our women’s PHP treatment programs.