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How You Can Learn Honesty at New Creation Recovery

How You Can Learn Honesty at New Creation Recovery

Some people find it challenging to be honest about their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors during treatment for substance use disorder (SUD). Trauma and other underlying factors may influence how you present yourself to others. According to Scientific Reports, “Personal values . . . guide humans’ attitudes and behavior, [which] makes them an essential component of mental health.” New Creation Recovery treats drug addiction using evidence-based methods. The care team models positive values, including honesty and transparency, to help clients develop healthier thoughts and behaviors. You can choose to make new decisions about how you think about yourself and your recovery.

New Creation Recovery Values Honesty and Integrity

Treatment programs offer you many opportunities to embrace personal growth. New Creation Recovery is a Christian rehab center where people learn to identify and cultivate positive values, including integrity and honesty. The care team models these traits in everyday interactions. You can use interactions with staff to explore and discover new values related to your recovery.  

Some of the values practiced at New Creation Recovery include: 

  • Integrity 
  • Accountability 
  • Confidentiality
  • Respect
  • Empathy 
  • Compassion

Healthy values improve mental health and positivity. According to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, “Research has shown that psychological health assets (eg, positive emotions, life satisfaction, optimism, life purpose, social support) are prospectively associated with good health.” You are more likely to build resilience, establish positive routines, and experience better overall health if you develop positive values, including honesty, during treatment for SUD. 

Honesty Increases Empathy, Compassion, and Open Communication

Practicing honesty is important during treatment. The care team cannot provide appropriate and effective treatment options if they don’t fully understand your needs and circumstances. Many factors impact treatment and recovery from substance abuse. You will experience a better outcome if you practice honesty and allow yourself to be vulnerable with the care team. 

Being honest with peers and clinicians during treatment does the following: 

  • Builds a solid foundation of trust 
  • Shows respect for the thoughts and feelings of others
  • Reduces shame, guilt, regret, and other negative emotions 
  • Increases self-confidence, self-worth, and self-efficacy 

You can learn to be more honest with others by being honest with yourself about your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and the consequences of past choices. Addiction recovery is a process, and you need to be able to rely on others to achieve your treatment goals. Honesty is the first step toward healing for most people. You can reduce your risk of relapse by accepting the realities of addiction and looking for positive ways to grow. 

New Creation Recovery Encourages Clients to Practice Honesty

Clinicians at New Creation Recovery practice honesty, empathy, and transparency. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. The care team understands how they speak and act impacts people’s willingness to share honestly during treatment. By modeling healthy and honest communication, the care team provides clients with real-world examples of how to respond in various situations. Modeling healthy behaviors also increases trust between clients and clinicians. You can learn from how they interact and the way they respond to different situations. 

Therapy and Other Treatments Foster Honesty and Personal Growth

New Creation Recovery offers outpatient rehab and other treatment programs for clients recovering from substance abuse. The care team prioritizes an individualized approach to foster personal growth. Therapy is an excellent space for improving communication skills and adopting values like honesty. Clinicians practice transparency and empathy with every client, modeling positive values and behaviors. 

Evidence-based and alternative holistic therapies can help you learn to embrace change and practice being more open with others. Some of the therapies and services at New Creation Recovery include: 

  • Individual and group therapy 
  • Self-help groups 
  • Peer support 
  • Case management
  • Alternative holistic therapies

You will be encouraged to discover new ways of framing thoughts and beliefs during therapy and other treatments. Honestly discussing how these things feel can help you gain greater self-awareness and recover more effectively. According to the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, “Addiction requires lying. Addicts must lie about getting their drug, hiding the drug, denying the consequences, and planning their next relapse.” Practicing honesty makes it harder to slip back into unhealthy routines and behaviors.

New Creation Recovery Holds Clients Accountable for Their Choices

Honesty is expected from everyone working with New Creation Recovery. Clients are shown the value of being open, honest, and transparent about their needs and feelings. According to the previously mentioned article by the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, “Clinical experience shows that when clients feel they cannot be completely honest, it is a sign of emotional relapse . . . One of the challenges of therapy is to help clients practice telling the truth and admitting when they have misspoken and quickly corrected it.” Practicing honesty and integrity builds a solid foundation for healing from substance abuse. You will benefit from developing healthier beliefs, behaviors, and values during treatment at New Creation Recovery. 

Many people recovering from substance abuse struggle with trust and attachment issues. Some clients in treatment may fail to take full advantage of their program services if they refuse to get help addressing the root cause of their substance abuse. Honesty is integral to recovery because it keeps people accountable, ensures clients and the care team are on the same page, and reduces conflict. New Creation Recovery teaches people the value of honesty and how to use clear and open communication to connect more fully with others. Honesty can help you heal more quickly from the effects of substance abuse. To learn more about our programs and services, contact us today by calling (877) 868-5730.