Rehab Pharmacogenetic Testing

Rehab pharmacogenetic testing is for drug and alcohol abusers who want to truly reform, now have better chances of recovery because of our pharmacogenetic testing. This latest form of examination will help in guiding the treatment decisions made by medical providers. It will help them tailor the right medicines and their dosages that will most likely benefit their patients.

Pharmacogenetics – Its Nature

Pharmacogenetics refers to the study of how genetic factors affect each individual’s differences in drug response. Since this is a relatively new field of medical science, there are not too many clinicians who are knowledgeable about its terminology and background. However, at New Creation Treatment, it has become a part of our Christian addiction recovery programs because of the proven assistance it gives in allowing the best rehab program for women to be planned.

This field of study has discovered that there is a role played by genetics when it comes to drug response. As such, its purpose is to find out the effect of inherited and acquired genetic differences on the drug responses of patients.

Pharmacogenetic testing tries to correlate single-nucleotide polymorphisms or gene expressions with the absorption, elimination, metabolism and distribution of drugs, and their effects on drug receptor targets.

Why Is Rehab Pharmacogenetic Testing Important?

The importance of rehab pharmacogenetic testing can be gleaned from its stated goals. Some of our objectives of this field of medical study are:

  • To create logical means to enhance drug therapy while considering the genotype of the patient. This will guarantee maximum efficiency of the drug while preventing the occurrence of adverse side effects.
  • To enable drug treatments, get out of the risky practice of “one-dose-fits-all.”
  • To abolish once and for all the practice of giving trial and error prescriptions and enable doctors to consider the genes of their patients in their medicinal recommendations.
  • To be well acquainted with gene functionality and how it affects the patient’s treatment efficacy

Rehab Pharmacogenetic testing promises the development of personalized or customized medicine wherein drugs or drug combinations will be optimized for the unique genetic make-up of every patient.

This new field of testing is poised to give an explanation to the response to the treatment or lack thereof of the patient. It can be also used as a predictive tool to project the patient’s treatment response to drugs.

In all cases, the patient will be provided with better treatment results, reduction of drug toxicities and adverse side effects and enhanced treatment efficacy.

It would also benefit patients who do not manifest any therapeutic response to drug treatments since we will be able to recommend alternative therapies that will best suit the patient’s needs.

Benefits of Pharmacogenetics

With a wider deployment of pharmacogenetic testing, the following benefits will be enjoyed by patients undergoing New Creation Treatment‘s drug rehab programs.

  • It will improve the efficacy and safety of all drug treatments since it will identify the most appropriate medicines and their dosages for every patient.
  • The practice of hit and miss drug prescriptions will be eliminated. This will prevent drug toxicity, especially when the patient is required to take high drug dosages.
  • The chances of patients getting addicted to their medicines will be nil.
  • The results of pharmacogenetic testing will be included in the patient’s medical record and history. As such, it will be made available to other medical providers who are authorized to get access to it.

For instance, if a patient has multiple health problems aside from his or her drug addiction, all the medical providers will have the same information about what drugs are best for the patient and what drugs are not to be avoided.