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Rediscovering the Balance of Flexibility and Strength Through Yoga in Rehab

Rediscovering the Balance of Flexibility and Strength Through Yoga in Rehab

Drugs and alcohol have a significant impact on your body, affecting both your flexibility and strength. As a result, you may find yourself less capable of moving well and in more pain. Fortunately, you can take steps to remedy these issues. In treatment at New Creation Recovery, you can participate in yoga in rehab. This is highly beneficial in many ways, including rediscovering your flexibility and strength. As a result, you can experience your life to the fullest, enjoying physical activities and movement in ways that you may have not been able to as a result of addiction. 

Physical Impact of Addiction

Addiction greatly impacts your quality of life. This is due to the mental and physical effects of addiction. Physically, addiction causes many issues, including physical discomfort. Some of this pain is due to a lack of strength and flexibility. 

When you are struggling with addiction, your body is out of a healthy rhythm. This is partially due to the effect of substances on the body’s systems. However, it is also an effect of the lifestyle that often comes along with addiction, which includes a lack of movement and self-care. 

Due to the imbalances and lack of strength and flexibility, you may have discomfort that goes beyond the initial challenges of detox. Therefore, part of addiction treatment is to resolve the physical issues that are a result of addiction. 

Rediscovering Physical Health in Yoga in Rehab

One way to improve your physical health is through yoga in rehab. Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that originated in India centuries ago. Currently, yoga is a common practice that individuals use to improve their physical health. 

There are a variety of types of yoga. However, they all incorporate improving your movement through flexibility and strength. Flexibility is your ability to move your body through a large range of positions. For example, touching your toes is a measure of the flexibility you have in the back of your body. Strength is the capacity to exert force, and walking up stairs requires strength in your legs. 

Finding a Balance of Strength and Flexibility

One way that yoga in rehab helps is by finding a balance of strength and flexibility. In yoga, you spend time doing breathwork and stretching. This helps your muscles to relax and get blood flow. As a result, muscles move better, which helps improve joint health and decrease joint pain. In addition, yoga offers you a chance to get stronger. Poses that you hold on your hands – such as plank or downward dog – help you to build shoulder strength. Meanwhile, other poses build leg, back, and core strength. 

The combination of strength and flexibility of yoga offers a unique blend of physical fitness. It is combined to help your body move with a balance of both strength and flexibility. This maximizes the benefits for your joint health and helps you to feel strong and healthy. 

Calming and Healing

Addiction, as a disease, impacts your nervous system dramatically. When you use drugs or alcohol, they interact with the pleasure-seeking parts of your brain. They cause your brain to release dopamine, making you feel good. However, when you stop using drugs or alcohol, your brain chemistry and nerves are very out of balance. 

In yoga, breathwork is incorporated with movement. As your body improves both strength and flexibility, you also will experience the calming and healing effects of yoga in rehab. Breathwork helps your nervous system to regulate, decreasing your stress levels, and improving your ability to heal. This is very helpful in addiction treatment: It aids in your recovery and continues to help you find balance in your mind and body. 

Incorporating Yoga in Rehab

Addiction treatment is complex. At New Creation Recovery, addiction treatment considers your unique needs. It does so by providing a variety of treatment options that will help you to have a treatment plan that is most effective for you. Effective treatment plans commonly include detox, individual therapy, group therapy, and alternative treatment modalities. 

The combination of treatment options provides you with a holistic approach to recovery. Your mental, physical, and spiritual health are all taken into consideration. As a result, you heal as a whole person, which aids in your long-term recovery from addiction. 

Yoga plays a role in this holistic approach. Through yoga, you get exercise, movement, and stress relief. As a result, you heal your mind, body, and spirit. However, yoga does not only help while you are practicing it in treatment. It also teaches you skills that you can take from rehab and incorporate into your life, such as stress reduction and other healthy habits. When you incorporate yoga in rehab, you can rediscover your balance in strength and flexibility, as well as find balance in your life. 

Yoga provides an opportunity for individuals to do exercises that stimulate their bodily systems, recovering flexibility and strength. As a result, at New Creation Recovery, we incorporate yoga into our treatment programs. Yoga is offered as an alternative treatment modality that can help you reconnect with yourself, regain your physical health, and reduce stress which is natural in treatment. If you are struggling with addiction, you do not have to do it alone. We can help you find a path forward in your life, make changes, and build a new life that supports you in recovery. To learn more about our treatment programs, including how we incorporate yoga, call us today at (877) 868-5730.