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Breaking Barriers: A Guide to Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

Breaking Barriers: A Guide to Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the changes in your brain make it difficult to stop. However, you can make choices that will help you to recover, and taking responsibility for your actions can help you to break down barriers and make true change in your life. That is why at New Creation Recovery, you have assistance in healing physically and are aided in how you can take steps toward healing through being responsible for yourself. 

Recovery is a path of change. It entails a significant amount of personal growth and empowerment. Through personal growth, you learn and develop. This is a process that is unique to you and addresses the challenges that you have. Change is difficult, but being empowered helps you feel that you can make adjustments and grow as an individual. 

Taking Responsibility Without Blame

Stigma surrounds addiction. You may have been told that addiction is caused by your lack of willpower. Additionally, you may have been condemned, judged, or ostracized due to addiction. As a result, the stigma that surrounds addiction can easily affect your self-esteem and identity. It can also cause you to blame yourself.

However, you can take responsibility without blame. Taking responsibility means that you as a person are not bad due to a mistake you may have made. Instead, taking responsibility involves acknowledging your mistakes, learning from them, and feeling empowered to be different in the future. 

The difference between taking responsibility for something and blame is that blame, either self-blame or from another person, makes you feel like you are bad as a person. However, when you address the actions that you can take responsibility for, you are not critical of yourself. 

Taking Responsibility in Treatment

In treatment for addiction at New Creation Recovery, you can take responsibility with the help of providers. Many tools help you to take responsibility. This includes reflection, acknowledging mistakes, learning from them, and embracing support from a community. 


As a tool, reflection helps you to understand your role in your challenges with addiction. It helps you to trace the story of why you have struggled with addiction. This may include a family history of addiction, mental health challenges, or a history of abuse or neglect. 

Reflection occurs in many parts of treatment. In individual, group, and family therapy you are asked to deliberate on your life. Through other forms of therapy, you also reflect and process your challenges with addiction and how you can take responsibility and move forward into recovery.  

Acknowledging and Learning From Mistakes

To take responsibility, you must acknowledge the mistakes that you have made. Your mistakes are unique to you, and, in treatment, you have support while you recognize what actions you have taken that you wish you hadn’t. 

However, you are not alone in this. You learn that everyone makes mistakes, and you have support in knowing that these mistakes do not make you a bad person. Instead, you can learn how to transform.

Transformation and change are the benefits of taking responsibility. By acknowledging and learning from your mistakes, you navigate the challenges that you face and build a new life. 

Utilizing Community Support

When you struggle with addiction, you are stigmatized by many others. This makes it difficult to connect with others and trust that you are supported in the changes that you are making in treatment. However, addiction treatment at New Creation Recovery provides you with a supportive community that helps you to take responsibility without blame. 

Utilizing support from a community is difficult. However, when you are involved in a community in addiction treatment, you are among others who are learning to take responsibility healthily and effectively. Therefore, you are not alone in addressing mistakes, learning from them, and taking steps toward a new life free from addiction. 

Taking Responsibility Causes True Change

Recovery is a process of positive change in your life. For you to effectively recover from addiction, you have to address underlying causes that play a role in addiction. These are unique to you. However, the process of taking responsibility is important regardless of the underlying causes. 

True change occurs when you acknowledge how you can impact your challenges with addiction. There are things that you cannot change, such as your history or your family’s history. However, when you take responsibility you see what aspect you can change. 

Once you have acknowledged your mistakes and taken responsibility for them, you have options to live your life differently. This opportunity allows you to take action, embrace your ability to change, and break through barriers that you face when you are in the recovery process. Therefore, the skill of taking responsibility helps you to heal and meet the challenges that you will face in your recovery journey. 

Addiction is a disease that makes it difficult to make changes and can make you feel stuck. However, through treatment, you can learn new skills including taking responsibility. At New Creation Recovery, we provide support and care that helps you to learn how you can make changes. We are committed to honesty, respect, and integrity – that our staff embodies and that can help you learn to take responsibility for yourself and build a new life. If you are struggling with addiction and want to know how you can take steps toward healing, we can help. Call us today at (877) 868-5730 to learn more about our programs for addiction and mental health treatment.