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Rebuilding When Addiction Takes a Toll on Your Belief in Yourself

Rebuilding When Addiction Takes a Toll on Your Belief in Yourself

When you are struggling with addiction, it takes a significant toll on your life and your self-esteem. While this is common, it does not make it easier to deal with. At New Creation Recovery, you can rebuild your self-esteem when addiction has affected your belief in yourself. With support and care from a treatment center that understands the challenges that addiction creates, and what the road to truly recovering looks like, you can take steps toward a life free from addiction. 

How Addiction Affects Your Belief in Yourself

Every individual’s struggle with addiction is unique. However, addiction is a disease that impacts your entire life. It can derail your career, make it challenging to have positive relationships, and disrupt activities you have enjoyed. These issues often make you feel like you are in a rut of negativity in your life, which can lead to a significant sense of failure, partially due to the societal stigmas that surround addiction. 

Sense of Failure

It is common to want to and feel like you can control every aspect of your life. When you are struggling with addiction, many aspects of your life are disrupted. This often leads to feeling that you have failed. The sense of failure can grow as you continue to struggle with addiction. 

Treatment at New Creation Recovery is facilitated by staff who have a deep understanding of addiction and the sense of failure it often brings. Many staff members are in recovery, which means that they know firsthand how it feels to continue to have challenges with addiction. 

Societal Stigmas

Addiction is a disease that impacts how your brain functions. However, regardless of this, there are many negative social stigmas surrounding addiction. These stigmas often lead to discrimination toward you due to your challenges with addiction. 

When you continue to be discriminated against and blamed for addiction, it is natural to start to believe it yourself. Therefore, these stigmas can lead to you struggling to rebuild your belief in yourself. At New Creation Recovery, you can receive support in a stigma-free environment, where you can learn how external stigmas have affected you and how to move forward. 

Rebuilding Your Belief in Yourself

When you stop believing in yourself, it is a challenging path back. However, it can be accomplished. Two components that are important in learning to believe in yourself again are receiving empathy in treatment and learning more about how addiction is a disease rather than a moral failure. Together, these two pieces can give you the support and tools you need to see how you can change and why you have struggled with addiction. 

Empathy in Treatment

In treatment for addiction at New Creation Recovery, you will receive true empathy. This is due to the staff members having had their own issues with addiction, and, therefore, having first-person experience with it. 

Empathy in treatment is very valuable for rebuilding your belief in yourself. It helps you to see that many others have and do face challenges with addiction. You are understood and part of a community of others who are on different parts of the road to healing. 

When you work with empathetic staff, you can trust that they get it. This helps in many regards. It is especially important as you can talk with them, share your experience, and trust that they understand and want to help you take strides toward a different life. 

Understanding Addiction

Addiction is commonly spoken of as occurring due to a lack of willpower or lack of morality. However, it’s important to understand that addiction is a disease. It impacts your brain by hijacking your pleasure-seeking centers and redirecting them toward substance abuse. Therefore, it is not a matter of willpower. A symptom of addiction is being unable to control your substance use. 

When you learn more about the intricacies of addiction, you can begin to see that it is not a failure. While there are choices you have made and can change, the interaction between substances and the brain causes compulsive behavior toward using substances. 

Importance of Rebuilding Your Belief in Yourself

The route to recovering from addiction has many challenging points. At each point, your recovery will benefit from your belief in yourself. This is because the challenge will not be met with a defeated individual but with your strength and resistance in knowing that you can get through the difficult moments. In addition, when you believe in yourself, you know and feel that you can make changes in your life. 

Recovery requires many changes. These may include the people you spend time with, your reaction to stress or certain emotions, and your self-care routine. When you rebuild your belief in yourself, you know that you can successfully make these shifts in your life and rebuild what you have lost due to addiction. 

Addiction causes a person to stop believing in themselves. Although this is common, it makes healing from addiction very challenging. At New Creation Recovery, we understand that recovery is difficult and do our utmost to help our clients rebuild their sense of self-worth and capacity to make change. If you are struggling with addiction, know that you are not alone. We can help you rebuild your belief in yourself and take the steps toward a life that is free from addiction and that leads to a happier and healthier you. To learn more about our treatment programs or to ask any questions, call to speak with us today at (877) 868-5730.