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How Rehab-Enhanced Skills Propel Career Growth for Women

How Rehab-Enhanced Skills Propel Career Growth for Women

When women struggle with addiction, they also often have difficulty finding and maintaining work. Fortunately, at New Creation Recovery, women learn skills that improve their recovery and propel career growth. This is true for women who want to start a new career and want to grow their current career. As women hone these skills, they open up endless possibilities, learn to care for their needs, and support themselves in their new life, free from addiction. 

Rehab Fosters Career Growth

For women who have struggled with addiction, effective treatment is much more than simply detoxing from drugs or alcohol. True change requires that women address the underlying causes of their challenges with addiction and learn new skills. These skills help women to manage challenges that arise in their lives, build a supportive community, and make changes that support their new life without drugs or alcohol. Two primary ways in which rehab fosters career growth are through improved communication and better decision-making. 

Improved Communication

Poor communication skills and social behaviors are associated with the development of addiction. As a result, in treatment, women struggling with addiction learn how to improve their communication. Through individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy, clients at New Creation Recovery take important steps in learning and honing these skills. 

While improved communication helps women to stay sober, it also promotes career growth. Every job varies in its social engagement. However, even the most isolated jobs have a certain amount of communication needed. When a woman struggles with communication, it inhibits their ability to work well with others, promote herself, and demonstrate her skills. Therefore, by improving communication in addiction treatment, women learn a valuable skill that promotes their success at work. 

In addition to promoting themselves, improved communication helps women to do better work. They are more able to bounce ideas off of others, connect with co-workers to improve a project, or manage employees as needed. As a result, communication skills open up many doors for women, allowing them to take steps in the direction that suits them in their careers. 

Superior Decision-Making

When a woman is addicted to drugs or alcohol, her brain and nervous system are greatly influenced. As a result, the pleasure-seeking parts of her brain are directed toward seeking more substances. Therefore, addiction impacts a woman’s ability to think straight and make positive decisions. 

However, as a woman goes through detox and treatment, she begins to heal. In detox, her body and brain learn to live without substances. This aids in her return to being able to think more clearly about all decisions, including those regarding work. As a result, detox not only helps a woman to recover but also to find more career growth in her field. 

Finding Meaning in Career Growth After Treatment

Addiction is a disease that takes over a woman’s life. Her life becomes about drugs and alcohol, dealing with cravings, and managing withdrawal symptoms. While she knows that stopping the use of drugs or alcohol is essential, it is a difficult process that requires effective treatment at a treatment center. 

However, when a woman has left treatment, she is in a place to find a direction with meaning to her. This often includes connecting with others in her community, building an improved network of support, and finding meaning through relationships. 

Fortunately, she can also find meaning in career growth. Career growth helps a woman to feel like she has a purpose. It gives her a reason to stay on the path of recovery and work through challenging issues that arise. 

Value of Career Growth for Women

In rehab, women are given skills to make changes in their lives, including career growth. Career development is extremely valuable for women after rehab. It provides them with something to grow into. After addiction treatment, it is normal for women to feel like they don’t know where to go from here. Women commonly feel lost and uncertain. Career growth gives them something to aim for. In turn, this helps them to continue with their practices and skills learned in treatment, which helps them in their recovery and also helps improve their career development. 

Additionally, many women who have struggled with addiction feel an immense amount of shame. Addiction often makes women feel like they have failed. However, this is far from the truth. Addiction is a disease that affects the nervous system and brain; it is not a woman’s fault. Improving self-esteem, however, is often challenging. Career growth can help. When a woman sees that she can grow and improve her career, she also sees that she can care for herself and her needs. She begins to rebuild her self-esteem. This helps her to feel worthy of recovery and improves her overall well-being. 

Addiction treatment is a transformative journey for women. At New Creation Recovery, the principles of treatment empower career improvement through rehab. By honing skills such as enhanced communication, superior decision-making capacity, and finding personal meaning, women find career advancement. At New Creation Recovery, we believe that rebuilding is a necessary process for recovery. As women build their careers, community, and habits, they regain their self-esteem and create a life that brings them joy and peace. If you are a woman struggling with addiction, or if your loved one needs treatment, we can help. Call us today at  (877) 868-5730 to learn more about our treatment programs and how they can help you better your life.