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How Vulnerability Helps Women Build Connections in Treatment

How Vulnerability Helps Women Build Connections in Treatment

Being vulnerable is one way people allow themselves to explore personal growth. Exploring new internal experiences and finding positive ways to reframe maladaptive thoughts or behaviors starts with accepting the vulnerability of change. According to the London Journal of Primary Care, “Showing vulnerability may at times be valuable, but it does need to be done wisely – in an invited and reciprocal way that harmonises with what others are doing.” New Creation Recovery understands vulnerability helps women in recovery discover new ways to heal together from the effects of substance use disorder (SUD). 

Vulnerability Helps Women Build Trust and Community

Many women recovering from SUD have a history of interpersonal trauma and may have difficulty trusting others. In some cases, the trauma may have been caused by other women in their lives. Finding ways to rebuild trust and find a safe community helps women gain self-confidence in recovery. Self-help meetings, group therapy, and peer activities allow women to uplift and empower one another. 

Being vulnerable is often the first step in creating deeper, more profound bonds with others. According to the article mentioned by the London Journal of Primary Care, “Often, sharing uncertainty with others helps people to find good collaborative ways forward; and along the way develop trusted relationships that bind them together as a community.” New Creation Recovery offers drug rehab programs where women are encouraged to share their stories and lean on each other for emotional support. Healing together strengthens the community at New Creation Recovery and gives clients a sense of belonging. 

Sharing Experiences Improves Mental Health During Recovery

Individuals gain insights and feel understood when they share stories with others who have lived through similar experiences. Women in treatment benefit from voicing their concerns, hopes, goals, and feelings about addiction, recovery, and the future. Sharing experiences during treatment also improves mental health by strengthening social bonds and creating a safe, nonjudgmental outlet for people to explore complex topics. According to Electronic Physician, “[S]ocial support gives people the feeling of being loved, cared, respected, and belonging to a network of communication.”

Hearing other women share their experiences does the following: 

  • Reduces stigmas surrounding addiction, recovery, and other sensitive topics
  • Builds community connections between individuals with shared life experiences 
  • Improves social and communication skills 

Mental and physical health are directly linked. Individuals recovering from the effects of substance abuse often heal more quickly when they feel emotionally stable and supported. Positive social connections allow women in treatment to practice setting boundaries, communicating more effectively, and empathizing with others. The experience often leaves women feeling more in control of their emotions and recovery. 

Vulnerability Helps Women at New Creation Recovery Heal

New Creation Recovery is a Christian-based drug rehab for women and men struggling with SUD. All programs have gender-specific treatment services to ensure clients have access to the tools they need to heal. Women are encouraged to be vulnerable and open with others in treatment to build healthy connections. Women empower one another by actively listening and providing nonjudgmental emotional support to each other during group therapy and everyday interactions. 

Vulnerability helps women heal by doing the following: 

  • Increasing empathy and compassion 
  • Providing loved ones and peers with an opportunity to show support
  • Building trust and breaking down emotional barriers 

Individuals in recovery heal more quickly if they allow others to see their true selves and how they feel about their situation. If clients only say what the care team or their families want to hear, they may never learn to reframe how they think about substance abuse. Clients often feel more confident when they embrace the strength of being vulnerable instead of trying to please others or put on a facade to meet unrealistic expectations. New Creation Recovery helps people learn to be honest with themselves and others, paving the way for positive lifestyle changes. 

The Benefits of Vulnerability in Traditional Therapy

Therapy only works if people are willing to be truthful and objective about their past actions and current situation. Vulnerability allows people to lower their guard and take a deeper look at their motivations for various beliefs and behaviors. Clients at New Creation Recovery are provided with the therapeutic tools to delve deeper into their internal experiences. Clinicians guide clients through learning to embrace the different aspects of themselves, improving and building on positive traits and values. 

Normalizing the Idea of Vulnerability

Vulnerability does not have to cause fear or anxiety. How the care team approaches the concept of vulnerability during treatment impacts how clients relate it to themselves. According to CMAJ, “Failure to appreciate nuances regarding the language of vulnerability has implications for how we understand, analyze and address challenges in health care.” People undergoing treatment often feel more comfortable being vulnerable with others if the care team normalizes the idea of opening up and sharing more profound thoughts and emotions. Women frequently benefit from being in a space that normalizes healthy vulnerability.

Some people may hesitate to show vulnerability during addiction treatment. The process of detoxing and recovering from substances is physically and emotionally demanding. Being vulnerable during that time might be difficult for some people. However, without vulnerability, clients in treatment may have less effective responses to treatment. For example, therapy and peer engagement only provide support and assistance in recovery if people are willing to be open and honest. Vulnerability is a strength and can help people build strong connections. New Creation Recovery encourages clients to use vulnerability to explore personal growth and meet recovery goals. To learn more about our programs and services, contact our office today by calling (877) 868-5730.