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5 Signs That You Need the Assistance of Rehab Programs

Signs you need rehab will also dictate the level of treatment you need, the cost of treatment and the type of program that will work for you.  A drug and alcohol rehab is a program that specializes in helping people deal with addiction problems.  These programs enable you to identify your triggers and equip you with coping skills to maintain your sobriety.  There are a variety of rehab programs that include inpatient and outpatient programs, Christian drug rehab and alternative therapy drug treatment centers.

There are many indicators that should point you to the fact that it may be time to seek out the help of a recovery program to help you with your recovery.

Signs You Need Rehab

Health problems caused by drug or alcohol use

Over an extended period, drugs of any kind can have harmful effects on the body.  Alcoholism, over time, can cause liver cirrhosis and opiate abuse can eventually cause brain damage.  Injecting drug users are at risk of getting infected with hepatitis or HIV.  If there are tangible effects on your health then you should not be ignoring the signs, as this can be fatal.  Christian drug rehab programs normally offer the holistic care that you need to regain your physical health while also treating your addiction.

High drug tolerance and withdrawal

Tolerance is one of the very first signs you need rehab. If you keep on having the need for increased doses of the particular drug over time to accomplish the same effect as before, then you have built up a tolerance and you should consider treatment.  You should consider getting involved in the numerous outpatient Christian drug rehab that might be available.  Tolerance is dangerous as over time it poses the danger of overdosing.  

Withdrawal symptoms go together with a high drug tolerance. If you start experiencing psychological and physical symptoms such as sweating, nausea, trembling and paranoia when you stop taking your drug of choice you should consider seeking professional help. A detox program can help you get through the worst of the withdrawal period.

Inability to control yourself

This may be in the form of making promises to yourself and loved ones to quit or cut back but you are physically and mentally incapable of doing this.  This is an indication that you might want to start seeking treatment.  When you have become incapable of stopping despite your best intentions, you may feel like things are spiraling out of control.  This may in turn cause you to stop caring about your health and self-care may be relegated.  Eating and showering are things that may be neglected too.  

Loss of control may also exhibit itself in being drunk in public or being in possession of a controlled substance, which may cause you to get arrested.  This is dangerous as you can get arrested and do jail time or be court mandated to attend a treatment program

Causing harm to yourself when under influence

Certain drugs have been known to cause or increase depression and other mental afflictions over time.  If you notice that you are having suicidal thoughts or have harmed yourself because of using or you have harmed someone else while under the influence this is a red flag that drug rehab is very necessary.  It would serve you to know that mental illnesses and addiction can be treated and you can go back to a living a better life again.

Stealing to support your addiction

If you have been addicted for a while, financial problems are bound to face you at some point.  The nature of the disease that causes you to be unreliable may have caused you to lose your job or be highly likely to.  Money is a very big issue in addiction as you are only concerned about getting your next fix and feeding this habit is quite expensive.  If you have considered or gone through with stealing from your friends and family or even your employer to feed your addiction, then you most definitely have a problem.  
Enrolling in a Christian addiction rehab facility is paramount at this point as this habit can make you sever connections with family, friends, you may lose your job and the people in your community will fast lose trust in you.

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