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6 Myths about Alcoholic Women

Alcoholic women have it very tough in cultures that frown upon women drinking. It has been very hard in a lot of cultures to accept that women drink.  This is especially so in the more conservative cultures.  Drinking among women has been propelled by the fact that the purchasing power of women has increased significantly in recent years and it has also become socially acceptable for women to drink in developing countries.  This is a fact that we must accept and live with, and there are alcoholism centers for women that have come up to specifically offer help and guidance to women struggling with alcohol addiction and help them through their addiction.

There are centers that provide safe and supportive environments where women can repair and restore and reclaim their lives, and make positive choices for their futures. Research has found that women and younger teen girls first engage in drug use for different reasons than males do, but they tend to recover and continue to sustain their recovery at much higher rates when in programs that notice and understand these differences and adjust to their gender-specific needs.  With that being said, there are a lot of misconceptions associated with alcoholic women that we will highlight below.

Myth 1: Alcoholic Women have loose morals

This myth is often propagated by societal and cultural norms that people have been socialized into.  It is, however, important to note that addiction does not discriminate who it chooses to affect and there are several reasons for why alcoholic women initiated their addiction.  The reasons may vary from peer pressure, to manage stress or underlying emotional issues.

Myth 2: You can consume alcohol and still be in control

Alcohol causes your judgment to be impaired, which increases the likelihood that you will make poor decisions that will be regretted in future. This can be decisions based on your health, relationships with others, financial decisions, and general responsibility.

Myth 3: I can drink to keep up with my partner

It is a fact that it takes less alcohol for a woman to be intoxicated because biologically women process alcohol differently than men.  It has been proven that a male and female, weighing the same amount, can consume the same amount of alcohol but the woman’s blood-alcohol content will be higher

Myth 4: It’s mostly young women who drink

Recent studies have shown that it is not only college girls that are looking for avenues to have fun that drink but also educated and well-off financially stable women that are more likely to drink.  The trajectory of drinking in women usually takes a steady incline after women’s 20’s and remains relatively constant in their 50’s as published by the Washington post.

Myth 5: Alcoholic women don’t experience serious health problems

This is a false ideation because women are actually more likely to suffer health effects because of the rate with which women process alcohol based on their biological differences from men.  Fewer women may die from alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related diseases than men but this is because there are fewer female drinkers than men. Alcoholic women have also been linked to breast cancer, a disease that primarily affects more women than men.  The more alcohol consumed by women the higher the risk for cancer and alcohol-related diseases.  

Myth 6: Women drink softer drinks

Most women confess that their preferred alcoholic drink is wine.  This is because it has an element of class associated with it.  Wine, however, is a deceptive drink because it contains 2-3 times of the amount of alcohol as the average beer does.

If a woman were to consume the same amount of alcohol as a male counterpart, she would be consuming at least 6 times the amount that he does.  This coupled with the fact that women have a slower rate of metabolizing alcohol compared to men is a recipe for trouble.

Understanding some of the myths surrounding alcohol use by women can help prevent the addiction problem. Alcoholic women need to seek help from drug rehab centers to get out of the situations because it can surely ruin a family.

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