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8 Best Detox Methods for Women

Detox methods for women is the first crucial step that individuals with substance use disorder need to successfully accomplish before going through various the formal treatment programs. Detox methods for women are important considering that it essentially lays the initial ground towards recovery by purging the system of the drug dependent of all drugs or alcohol traces.

The various drug facilities that specifically address the special recovery requirements of women also provide different options to ensure successful detox for womenIt is important to note that the effectiveness of the different detox methods for women varies depending on the type of abused drug, extent and severity of drug use, and the patient’s overall health condition.

If you are suffering from substance abuse disorder and would like to learn more about various detoxification methods, here are  some of the best detox options for women that you can consider:

Stopping suddenly or cold turkey.

This detox method can be often impossible for the alcoholic or addict and is a risky approach. However, if quitting cold turkey is carried out with professional medical supervision, it is still an effective way to detox.

Using a holistic detox method.

In holistic detox method, various traditional or alternative therapies and medical approaches are used to help the patient endure the agonizing withdrawal symptoms. The principle behind holistic detox is ensuring that all facets of the person – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects are taken into consideration. Some of the most common holistic detox approaches include acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and nutritional therapy.

Opting for short-term medical detoxification.

This type of detox process is carried out with the assistance and supervision of a medical professional considering that certain types of medication are used in the process. Short-term medical detox is more commonly prescribed for patients suffering from alcohol dependence. Medicines are used to alleviate the painful symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. However, as the name suggest, medication is used for a short time only.

Going through long-term medical detox.

Long-term medical detox, on the other hand, is most commonly associated with addressing opioid addiction. In this type of detox process, the patient takes longer-term medication to relieve him of dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Utilizing sub-acute detox methods for women.

The sub-acute detox method is best suited for patients who are, in general, physically, and mentally stable, which means they do not require 24/7 monitoring and assistance while undergoing the process. To complement the sub-acute detox program, the treatment facility can include medication and counseling in the detox plan.

Choosing inpatient detox methods for women.

Inpatient detox process is recommended for patients with severe and long-term addiction, particularly those who can be a threat, not only to the people around them but to themselves as well. This kind of detox approach requires the patient to stay in the rehab facility during the entire duration of the program. This means that medical and other professional help are readily available 24/7.

Since all the items above are all considered to be the best detox methods for women, selecting the most suitable one for you can be difficult and confusing if you are going to assess each one of them on your own. For you to determine the right detox option for your case, you should consider consulting a professional detox specialist for advice.

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