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Glenn Swanson


Glenn Swanson is the CEO of New Creation Treatment Centers and his personal journey includes a long hard-fought battle with addiction that cost him his job, his home, and his family.  With no place left to go, he landed on the doorstep of a long-term treatment program that saved his life. 

Immediately doors began to open giving Glenn an opportunity to help fellow addicts.  His dedication to helping other people reclaim their lives is driven by a strong connection with a higher power. Glenn’s belief that no person or situation is hopeless and everyone deserves a chance to live life free from the chains of addiction and alcoholism.

By using his connections in the recovery community, Glenn has been able to staff the facilities with top counselors and case managers. Medical treatment and safety has always been a first and critical step which is why Glenn has a medical doctor, nurse and psych nurse on staff and available to work with clients.

With over six facilities across San Bernardino County, Glenn has created a program that is appropriate for a wide range of clients and their respective backgrounds.

Glenn believes in the power of God’s Love and has worked as a channel to provide safe and effective treatment since 1994. Focusing solely on addicts and alcoholics who want to stop the cycle of self-destruction. Glenn Swanson and his staff love the clients until they can love themselves.  His education in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, his theological studies and his Master’s degree in Business Administration compliment his experience, strength and hope as he continues to follow God’s divine plan.