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Alcohol: It Affects Us All Differently

Alcohol recovery treats alcoholism that is a problem that doesn’t display any form of discrimination.  It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, young or old, black or white, alcoholism affects those across all spectrums.  Although alcoholism can reach anyone, there is a concern when it comes to heavy alcohol consumption and women.  The first concern is how alcohol affects women differently than men, especially when it comes to their bodies.  Because women have less water in their bodies, they are at greater risk for developing alcohol-related problems.  With less water in their bodies, women’s organs are more exposed to alcohol as well as other toxins as it is digested and dispensed throughout their body’s water supply.

Pregnancy is another factor when looking at the comparison of how alcohol affects men and women differently.  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of the most preventable causes of mental impairment among children.  A child diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome has the possibility of developing difficulties with learning, memory, attention, and problem-solving, which has the likelihood of being irreversible throughout the child’s lifetime.  If a woman if pregnant and is suffering from alcoholism, it is imperative that they seek assistance as soon as possible.  Christian detox centers are a great resource for women who might be suffering from an alcohol addiction.  Alcohol detox for women can prove to be beneficial for not only for the patient but as seen above it can also have a potential benefit for her children as well.  

Other Conditions, Other Consequences

Aside from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, women are more susceptible to other alcohol-related conditions.  Women are more likely than men to develop as well as die as a result of cirrhosis of the liver.  Even though most long-term alcohol abusers will develop some form of loss of mental function, such as reduced brain size and a change in the function of brain cells, women are more likely than men to fall victim of alcohol-related brain damage.  There have also been studies that have linked heavy drinking among women to breast cancer.  Even though women drink less than men over the course of a lifetime, women are more susceptible to heart diseases as a result of heavy drinking.

Christian inpatient alcohol rehabs is a solution to avoid the fates listed above and live with alcohol recovery.  These centers have some of the best detox services for women for with help for alcoholics.  These rehabilitation facilities also have supportive services that also examine causes for drinking habits in women such as: having a parent or sibling who also suffers from alcoholism, a spouse that suffers from alcoholism, and even mental disorders such as depression.

Support for your Alcohol Recovery

Outside of having successful detox for women programs, Christian rehab centers also offer tremendous supportive programs such as individual, family, and group therapy sessions to help patients communicate with not only members of their family but also with other patients.  They get to hear the stories about other’s trials and tribulations as they coped with their disease, and know that they are not alone.

It takes more than just a center to help those suffering from alcoholism.  It takes patience and understanding from those around them as well with a constant influx of support.  But if you, or someone you know has taken the am I an alcoholic quiz and is ready to begin the process towards beating alcoholism, there are services and resources that are readily available.  

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