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Are Christians Supposed To Help Drug Addicts

Christian addiction help for drug and alcohol problems that cause the sufferers much embarrassment. Shame and embarrassment are two reasons that addicted persons do not seek the help they need right away. The bondage of addiction becomes stronger when addicted persons reach out for help and has a bad experience. Some addicted persons have poor experiences with Christians, and those poor experiences shatter their trust. They are highly skeptical about the idea of going to a Christian rehab center. They may even ask the question, “Aren’t Christians supposed to help drug addicts?” If this is you or a loved one, you may want to consider a few things.

What a Christian Addiction Help Is

First, a Christian is a person who follows the teachings, lifestyles and commands of Jesus Christ. Christians are not superior beings who never make mistakes or act a little fleshly from time to time. Sin still exists in the world, and Christians can sometimes act un-Christian-like. It isn’t the norm. In other words, a bad experience with one Christian does not define the entire group. Furthermore, the servants may be flawed, but the master certainly is not. The addicted person should give Jesus another chance even if that person has had a poor experience with a few Christians.

The Term “Help” Is Subjective

Christians are instructed to help, love and serve everyone, but there are some situations in which they cannot place themselves. Christians cannot condone drug use or enable destructive behavior. They can, however, offer help for alcoholics with effective counsel. The Christian can also let the addicted person know that the Lord loves him or her despite the flaws and weaknesses. In fact, the Christian can help by telling the person about the Lord’s ability to use peoples’ weaknesses to display his strength. The answer to the question is that yes, Christians are supposed to help drug addicts, but not if the help involves helping them to feed the addiction.

How to Ensure You Find the Right Christian Rehab

If you or someone you know has experienced unhelpful recovery program from a Christian, please know that it is not the norm. You can call a research specialist who can search for a reputable Christian rehabilitation center that you can use. The specialist can narrow down your options and find the facilities that have the most glowing reviews from former program participants.