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Are All Counselors Christian In a Christian Treatment Center?

March 29, 2016 - - 0 Comments

When an alcoholic or drug addict enters a Christian rehabilitation facility, we have Christian counselors available. There are numerous types of Christian faiths, and each counselor may have a slightly different interpretation about this religion. However, the basic beliefs are the same for each of our counselors, leading to programs that include prayer and religious services.

Types of Treatments Available at Christian Rehabilitation Centers

The types of treatments available in a Christian rehabilitation center are similar to the facilities that are not faith based. Recovering addicts will spend the majority of each day involved in one-on-one or group counseling sessions. In addition, there are daily 12-step meetings that often begin with religious prayer or meditation.

Is Addiction Treatment Private at a Christian Rehabilitation Center?

The treatment received at a Christian rehabilitation center is private because we ask participants to avoid disclosing names to outsiders. We must talk to insurance companies or physicians, and many recovering addicts give us permission to discuss their treatments with relatives or friends.

Who can Answer Questions about Christian Rehabilitation?

There are Christian counselors available to answer questions about rehabilitation on the telephone or with emails. Anyone can contact us to request answers about insurance plans, treatment options and other concerns.

How do Recovering Addicts Pay for Treatment?

Most recovering addicts need a package plan to pay for alcohol or drug rehabilitation. This package includes health insurance reimbursements from private or employer-sponsored plans along with co-payments.

What Happens after Christian Rehabilitation?

After 30 to 90 days of Christian rehabilitation, our clients are ready to enter an aftercare program as an outpatient at a facility near their home. Alternatively, we can recommend sober house programs that are designed to help a recovering addict transition to a new lifestyle.

Prepare for a New Life

There is no reason to delay beginning Christian rehabilitation to overcome a dangerous addiction. We recommend calling us now to discuss options for treatment and to begin the application process. Waiting for treatment will only lead to more risks of overdose or other health complications.

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