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Sober Buddies, Cafes, and Other Trending Platforms That Really Do Help With Addiction

December 13, 2018 - , - 0 Comments

Sober Cafe

Addiction had you in a trap from which you felt you couldn’t escape, but you worked hard through a high-quality rehab treatment center and accomplished your dream of sobriety. You went through the 12 step program, suffered through detox, experienced real breakthroughs with dual-diagnosis, and have reaffirmed your commitment to a sober life and lifelong recovery from opiates, alcohol, methamphetamine, and benzodiazepines.

However, you’ve been out of care for a few weeks now, and you’re starting to feel the same kind of triggers and impulses that kept you trapped in the thrall of drug abuse for so long. The anxiety and depression that you handled so well in rehab are coming back, and your mental health is becoming unstable as you crave opioids, Xanax, or benzos.

This scenario is one that has affected just about everybody who has gone through drug therapy. But if you are experiencing this problem now, you know how difficult it can be to resist. However, even if these issues are causing you PTSD or other types of issues, you don’t have to turn back to opiates like heroin to avoid mental and physical trauma. Instead, you can turn to one of the many fun and effective sobriety platforms available today.


Why is Post-Rehab Care So Crucial?

A dedication to a sober lifestyle does not end the moment you walk out the door of your rehab center. In fact, leaving treatment is just the beginning of your recovery. Every moment after you walk out that door is a critical part of maintaining a drug-free life. As a result, post-rehab care is not an unnecessary thing to consider but is instead one of the essential elements to follow for your ultimate treatment success.

And there are many ways to pursue post-rehab care, including outpatient psychological visits, maintenance doses when withdrawal hits, and much more. The post-rehab sobriety platform that is right for you will depend on your personality, your reaction to such platforms, and your willingness to dedicate yourself to the platform for as long as it takes to stay sober.

Thankfully, there are a large amount of high-quality post-rehab sobriety platforms that you can build on to reclaim a sober lifestyle. Each of these platforms provides you with the chance to recover a clean and healthy lifestyle that suits your personal needs. The most popular of these platforms include:

  • Sober Buddies
  • Sober Cafes
  • Sober Coaches
  • Sober Apps
  • Sober Blogs

The cool thing about these platforms is that each offers unique benefits that help to counterbalance the downside of other platforms. As a result, you can utilize a multitude of different concepts to maintain your sobriety and stay clean. In fact, we strongly urge you to try at least 2-3 of these ideas to find out which works for you and to balance them in ways that are effective.

In each of the sections below, we will discuss each of these sobriety platforms in depth, including how they operate, the benefits that they provide, and who would best benefit from them. In this way, you can make an informed and intelligent decision on which is the right choice for your ultimate sobriety needs.



What are Sober Buddies?

Sober buddies are precisely what they sound like they would be: people who focus with you on your ultimate recovery. For example, singer Demi Lovato and her friend Henry Levy decided to beat their drug addictions by committing to a sober lifestyle together.

When you have a sober buddy, you have somebody who is willing to sit with you when you feel cravings and to redirect you towards healthier activities. They will also need your help when they feel these cravings and may ask you to support them in a multitude of ways.

Essentially, sober buddies work as best friends who are focused entirely on helping you beat addiction and staying clean of drugs. The two of you – though you can have more than one sober buddy – will do what is necessary to avoid substance abuse and to stay clean.

People Who Would Benefit From Sober Buddies

Anybody who has a friend suffering from substance abuse can benefit from a sober buddy. This option is also a good choice for those who don’t have a lot of money, as an excellent sober buddy is absolutely free beyond the investment of time and friendship you might require.



How Do Sober Cafes Work?

One of the toughest things about maintaining sobriety is finding a public place where you can hang out where alcohol and drugs are not used. As an adult, you want to meet with your peersbut can’t go to bars or other areas that may be packed with excessive amounts of casual drug use.

Thankfully, a growing number of sober cafes are popping up all over the nation. These cafes are entirely alcohol- and drug-free and provide recovering adults with a great place to meet people. Just as importantly, these cafes typically offer support for those who are going through cravings and other issues.

Most sober cafes are run by people who have recovered from addiction and who understand the impact that it has on a person’s life. These individuals also fully grasp how to help others when cravings strike and can guide you through the difficulties of acute withdrawal.

People Who Would Benefit From Sober Cafes

Extroverts who love spending time with others will do well with sober cafes. They help to provide a social outlet for those individuals who tend to use substances only with friends and reminds them that they don’t have to drink alcohol or do drugs to have fun as an adult.



Can Sober Coaches Provide a Healing Edge?

While sober buddies provide help for a large number of people, there may be instances in which they need more specialized help. For example, sober coaches are, essentially, professional sober buddies who spend time with you daily and ensure that you stay on the right track.

Sober coaches are becoming particularly influential in the Hollywood world, as actors like Owen Wilson pay somebody a lot of money to spend the day with them and track their behavior. In some instances, they may literally smack drugs or alcohol out of a person’s hand to keep them clean.

That kind of 24-hour surveillance may seem excessive, but it could be necessary for those who are struggling to overcome addictive behaviors. And since sober coaches are not friends of those that they help, they can provide a subjective platform for a person to work with towards sobriety.

People Who Would Benefit From Sober Coaches

Those who have a high income can benefit from sober coaches because they can keep track of their behavior at all times and ensure that they don’t abuse substances. Anybody who is having a hard time controlling their impulses may also want to consider this option if they can afford it.



Are Sobriety Apps the Real Deal?

Sobriety AppsDuring your rehab care, you may have heard about sobriety apps like “Sober Grid” and were told that they were a great choice for you. If you have yet to explore this option, we recommend that you do so. Apps like “Sober Grid” provide an engaging way to expand upon your post-rehab recovery success.

For example, “Sober Grid” lets you connect with individuals like you who are going through therapy. Meeting with these individuals allows you to create a support team for when cravings strike. Other apps allow you to track your daily progress and to report on them to your social group.

The number of sobriety apps seems to be growing daily and includes choices like “Squirrel Recovery,” “Quit That,” “Recovery Box,” and much more. Almost all of these apps are free to download and use, though you may unlock bonus features by paying to unlock them with premium options.

People Who Would Benefit From Sober Apps

Anybody who heavily uses their phone every day would benefit from sobriety apps like these. They create a consistent and up-to-date way of staying on top of your recovery and give you an outlet for meeting new people who can support your ultimate addiction treatment success.



Why are Sober Blogs a Great Outlet for Addiction Recovery?

Sober BlogLast, but certainly not least, on our list of high-quality post-rehab platforms is sober blogs. Sober blogs are online journals written by people who are going through addiction therapy and who can provide help to others or who need a little assistance staying clean from time to time.

There are a few ways that sober blogs can benefit you. First of all, you can read high-quality blogs, like “The Immortal Alcoholic,” “Sober Julie,” and “Mrs. D is Going Without” to learn more about staying sober. These blogs also help you read about the struggles others go through and relate them to your life.

Alternatively, you can write a sober blog of your own to express your thoughts, confess your struggles, and to create a community of high-quality support that will give you the chance to overcome your addiction in a healing and compelling way. Sober blogs are often free to read and write, which is another huge benefit.

People Who Would Benefit From Sober Blogs

Individuals who like to read or write can really benefit from high-quality sober blogs. However, you can even create a video blog on sites like YouTube or Daily Motion if you are more comfortable or more experienced working with videos. The benefits will be about the same.



Do These Platforms Replace Rehabilitation Care?

RehabilitationThe sobriety concepts discussed in this article are all powerful ways to keep your addiction in check and to ensure that your treatment and recovery are successful. However, those who have yet to go through rehab treatment for heroin, benzos, opiates, or other substances may be tempted to focus just on these recovery methods rather than going to a real care center.

We strongly suggest that you don’t use these platforms as a replacement for rehab but as a support measure once you finish your treatment. Our suggestion is based on a few issues that may pop up if you try to go it alone through your addiction recovery. First of all, detox from substances like alcohol and methamphetamine can be very painful if you don’t get help. High-quality rehab centers can detox your body without triggering withdrawal symptoms like delirium tremens.

Just as importantly, rehab centers also provide you with a platform for your mental health recovery that is hard to get in any other way. The 12 step program paired with dual-diagnosis creates an incredible healing tool that individuals with trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depression can use to overcome their dependence on illicit substances and to regain the sober lifestyle that they want and deserve.

Beyond that, rehab centers also help you build support groups that can last you for the rest of your life. You are likely to meet individuals in treatment who will stay with you and focus you on your sobriety. In some instances, you may be able to integrate them into the platforms mentioned above, such as using one of these people for a sober buddy.

So while the platforms we listed above are powerful tools for your ultimate sobriety – and are an excellent choice for anybody who is dedicated to a life free from drugs – they should only be used as a supplement for your care. Total recovery from addiction starts when you admit that you need help and attend the kind of high-quality recovery center that will provide it for you.


You Can Beat Addiction With Help

As you can see, the multitude of high-quality post-rehab platforms should make your total recovery possible. Dedication to one or more of these sobriety concepts will keep you on the drug-free path and keep you focused on the critical importance of staying off of drugs for the rest of your life.

If you have any more questions about these platforms or need help finding one that works for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Our high-quality detox and dual-diagnosis treatment options will give you the hope you need to regain a life free from substance abuse.

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