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The God-Shaped Hole

June 22, 2015 - - 0 Comments

We as human beings go through many struggles in life, but few are as all-encompassing as addiction. Someone who is caught up in drug or alcohol addiction will find themselves controlled by the feeling they get when they use their substance. They might alienate themselves from family and friends, and will begin to question their identity and purpose in life. They will often also try to turn their back on God. Even in the midst of addiction, however, is the presence of God evident, and especially in the midst of addiction is the need for God so clear.

Someone experiencing addiction will feel broken, unimportant, and meaningless. More importantly, they will feel like something is missing from their life. That something is God. The addict feels a God-shaped hole in their life when they try to satisfy their desires through their own actions.

This God-shaped hole is often what is so frustrating to addicts. They will try in many ways to satisfy their need for God. They will try to fill that hole with things like substances, erratic behavior, and negative influences, but unless God fills that space, they will not be able to accomplish their real purpose or find peace.

Faith-Based Treatment Helps Fill the Voids

The good news is that the problem of a God-shaped hole can be fixed. God has already declared his love for each and every one of his children, and he wants to come into our lives and fill our emptiness with his presence. A Christian rehab program is extremely effective for addiction healing because it helps those who are broken, unloved, and beaten down finally find the peace that only God can bring. Through therapy and counseling, a person can learn why they have an addiction and how to solve it. Through Bible study, prayer, and meditation, a person can truly begin to recover and learn how God’s love can help them overcome even the difficult challenge of addiction.

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