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Can Faith End Addiction

Faith recovery is one of the first things that comes to mind is the twelve-step program.  The twelve-step program originally was set forth from Alcoholics Anonymous, as the foremost treatment program for recovering alcoholics.  A summary of the twelve steps can be viewed as the following:

  • Admitting that an individual cannot control his or her own addiction or compulsion
  • Identifying that they can find strength through delivering themselves to a higher power
  • Investigating into past errors that were made during the time of his or her addiction
  • Trying to make amends for the errors that were made during the time of addiction
  • Attempt to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle with a new code of acceptable behavior
  • Help others who suffer from a similar addiction or compulsion.

Looking at the faith recovery summary of the twelve-step program, it’s easy to spot the ties to religious morals, especially when it comes to finding strength through a higher power.  Since being instituted through Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12-step program has shown to be successful in the treatment of alcohol addiction.  Because of its proven success, Christian drug rehab centers have employed the twelve-step program as a core of the curriculum of services that they offer.  Aside from this approach, Christian rehab centers also offer programs such as Bible study, family therapyoutdoor therapyneurofeedback therapy, and group therapy.  Therapy sessions such as family therapy help assist the damaging relationships that can come about from a patient’s drug or alcohol abuse.  Women rehabilitation centers specialize in family therapy with the understanding that the patient’s drug and alcohol abuse can have a direct impact on the family, especially from a mother’s perspective. Women rehab centers understand the importance in terms of the relationship with not only a woman’s children but also between her spouse.

The Moral Path to Recovery

Christian rehab centers in general focus on helping the patient in terms of faith recovery, but also guiding them on a path which allows them to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.  These rehab centers offer patients a comforting environment and supportive services to maximize a patient’s chances of making a full recovery from their alcohol or substance dependency.

Sometimes people just need to know that they’re not alone on the road to recovery, which is why programs such as group therapy sessions can ease patient’s minds by informing them that they are not the only one suffering through their alcohol or substance abuse.  Group therapy sessions allow patients to communicate some of the experiences and stories from their past and share them with others in the group.  In some cases, just knowing that a patient is not alone and that others have gone through the road to recovery can be all the motivation they need in terms of helping them stay focused during her own journey.

With all the help of these programs, however, it is still beneficial to patients to have the support of not only those in the centers but also their own friends and family.  If you feel as though you know anybody that might be suffering from alcohol or substance abuse, you should talk with them about some available treatment options and remind them that they can count on you to be there, because the road to recovery is not easy and it’s always more successful when someone feels that they are not alone.

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