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Christian and Medical Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Christian medical treatment for dual diagnosis is helpful when treating co-occurring addiction. An unfortunate aspect of life is that addicts often have an underlying cause for addiction in which drug and alcohol abuse are a symptom of a mental illness rather than the problem itself. Whether using twelve steps or alternate methods of addiction treatment, there simply is very little chance of the patient maintaining sobriety if the underlying causes aren’t addressed in tandem with the addiction. Christian medical treatment for dual diagnosis are proven to support such treatment and Christian dual diagnosis treatment centers utilize this knowledge to the great benefit of their patients.

Safe Withdrawal from Drugs and Alcohol Through Christian Medical Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

In a perfect world, dual diagnosis treatment for women begins with an intervention followed by a few days of comfortably managed withdrawal. Unfortunately, it isn’t always so simple. Some addictions require medication in order to safely recover from the damage caused by the illegitimate drug use. During the detox, the patient may not be well aware of her surroundings, but it is where the path to recovery starts and the patient and therapist begin to know each other.

Medical Diagnosis of Mental Illness

Medical diagnosis in the broader sense of Christian based treatment is a gift of knowledge bestowed by God toward the well-being of the world He created. Sometimes, science trumps faith simply because a course of treatment works. Therapy and counseling are important aspects of treatment for both addiction and mental illness. Not all sciences are defined by worldly knowledge, faith can be as important to recovery as medical knowledge.

Christian Based Counseling

Christian medical treatment for dual diagnosis is integral for women of faith. Attending church can be an addiction unto itself, as can shopping or watching sports. The bottom line is for an addictive personality to find healthy addictions rather than drug use, gambling, alcoholism, or hoarding to an extent it disrupts the general aspects of leading a positive lifestyle. Christianity, or any religion, has proven itself over the millennia to be a positive influence on one’s life instead of using drugs to retreat into a different world.

Church-Based Support in Recovery

Drug addiction is not healthy; it causes physical, mental, and spiritual damage to the addict. The fact of the matter is, some people aren’t as spiritual as others. That’s not relevant to recovery. What is relevant is that the church provides support for spirituality as needed but also provides a social community which is not based on drug abuse but rather offers guidance and support for people who have been dual diagnosed and can benefit from healthy endeavors on a daily basis.

Ongoing Treatment with Christian and Secular Therapy

Once diagnosed with both drug addiction and mental illness, the patient who follows treatment plans can live a fulfilling and productive life. The idea of treatment is not to change a personality but to work with that personality toward a life in which the patient and their loved ones can be happy. It’s hard to be happy when ridden by a mental illness which changes life’s perspective, and even harder when drugs are used to self-medicate. With proper treatment, such issues can be addressed. There is medical knowledge which allows for treatment of drug addiction, and more importantly, the underlying causes which initially led to the problem. Finding the root cause is the difference between long-term recovery and temporarily “going dry” to satisfy the demands of friends and family.

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