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Does God Frown Upon Addiction Or Does He Still Love Me

God and addiction means putting your faith in a higher power that can be an important part of recovery. But as an addict who has hit rock bottom, it is sometimes hard to sustain your faith and trust in God’s love for you. There are several steps you can take to understand that God does love you and to regain your trust in God’s love. The first step is finding addiction treatment centers that can get you to that loving place in recovery

Trust Issues with God and Addiction

As an addict, you may struggle with trust issues. Years of hiding your addiction and being controlled by your cravings build up patterns of distrust. Part of your recovery is learning that your worries about whether others can love you are part of God and addiction rather than your recovery. Your addiction may make you feel unlovable. Accepting God’s love help you realize that you are not just “an addict” but a human with the disease of addiction who deserves love.

Why Me?

God is infinitely powerful and infinitely wise. God made you as you are, a person with an addiction. The voice of your addiction may speak resentfully, asking “Why me?” but the wiser voice of your recovery asks how your addiction is actually a sign of God’s love. If an infinitely loving God chose you to be an addict, God has a purpose for doing so.

God and Recovery

Your addiction may feel like a burden, but God never gives you more than you can bear. If God made you an addict, he did so knowing that you have the strength to survive your addiction and work through your steps of recovery. While everyone sins, few people have have the opportunity to recognize the ways in which they have harmed others and to make amends. Unlike the people who go through life unaware of the ways in which they are damaged and damage others, as an addict who has hit rock bottom you have been given a gift of awareness and an opportunity to live mindfully. You no longer take other people or yourself for granted and as part of your recovery you can become a better person. God loves you, a person with an addiction, just as he loves people who struggle with greed, jealousy, hatred, and other sinful tendencies. Rather than letting you go through life in a self-centered fashion, he has offered you a life in which you become a better and stronger person as your faith and God’s love help you through your recovery.