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What to Expect From the Psychiatric Evaluation When Entering Treatment

Psychiatric evaluation at rehab is a process you have to undergo before being admitted for women’s addiction treatment. Being assessed for any psychological problem allows professionals to develop an effective treatment program that would fit your individual needs. Psychological testing also allows medical professionals to gather decisive explanations about your behavior, personality, as well as your capabilities.

Before you are enrolled in a women’s treatment center, you will undergo a psychological assessment. Prior to the psychiatric evaluation at rehab, you will need to undergo a series of medical assessments in order to eliminate the possibilities of having a medical disease or in some cases, the anatomical causes of your symptoms.

What happens during a psychiatric evaluation at rehab?

It is not surprising why some people wonder about what happens during a psychiatric evaluation. While they can be done in different ways, most of these assessments are accomplished through an interview where you sit on one end of the table and the psychologist sits on the other side.

The assessment process often includes a series of questions regarding your family history, trauma and abuse history, substance addiction, social and personal relationships, previous therapies and medications, and many others that can help the psychiatrist arrive at a hypothesis. This, in turn, allows the mental health professional to interpret and understand the reason why you are seeking drug treatment.

Results of your evaluation are more than just about the numbers and the test scores. And your psychiatrist will look beyond it to get to the heart of the matter. Ultimately, the main goal is to figure what the real problem is and provide a good summary and overview. The results are then used to create a recommendation that will be used for developing your treatment program.

What to expect

A psychiatric evaluation is an important preliminary step when entering women’s addiction treatment. It also provides you with an opportunity to expose emotions that you might have been holding on for years.

Commonly, the assessment conclusions will be used in conjunction with the results other medical health professionals has including your medical evaluation and others. The results of your psychiatric evaluation will be used in developing the course of action that will be appropriated with your treatment plan.

When going through your psychiatric evaluation, you can expect your psychiatrist to observe you the whole process. This way, they are able to effectively formulate the treatment recommendations that suits your individual needs. Also, it is often quite easy not to take the medical evaluation too seriously as this is just a part of the process you need to undergo when going through drug and alcohol treatment.
What your psychiatrist would need is your full cooperation during the process so they are able to receive the needed information that will be used towards developing a treatment plan. Also, one thing you need to understand is that this is not a pass or fail assessment. You just need to understand that the entire process is needed so that everyone can work on your specific needs and help you recover from your addiction effectively.

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