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Finding Happiness and Hope after Addiction

Life after addiction offers hope after addiction robs people of their happiness. It makes them wish for more in their lives, never being truly satisfied with what they have. This is exactly what the devil wants; to make us believe that the next hit, the next high, or the next drink will be what we truly want. But these are not the things that bring fulfillment to our lives, and they are not what bring us happiness. These are temptations put on our path with the aim to cause us to stray from God’s path for us.

Addiction recovery is not just about controlling cravings and impulses to use. It is about discovering what will truly make a difference in our lives, help us find contentment, and help us find lasting peace with ourselves. Addiction feeds us lies about achieving true happiness, but recovery helps us understand the truth. Happiness can be achieved by relying on the power of God in our lives. Only God can give us the strength and the ability to live a meaningful life, and help us become what he designed us to be all along.

Life After Addiction

The struggle is real, and it is all around us. But the answer is even closer – trusting in God to provide us with the hope and motivation to keep going. You will face days when you don’t want to carry on any longer, when you are afraid that the devil has succeeded in robbing you of all happiness. The next time you feel like this, remember the remedy. Enlist the help of those that want to see you overcome your fentanyl addiction or binge drinking or other substance and rely on their support, and above all, believe your God when he tells you he will make you into a new creation. He will follow through and help you set your sights on what is truly important in your life here and will give you hope for the future. God wants what is best for you, and trusting in him will allow you to find happiness and hope.