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How to Use Insurance for Christian Rehab

Insurance for Christian rehab should never prevent you from deciding to go into rehab or having to talk to a loved one about the need for rehab as it most likely will be an emotionally charged moment. And what if they are in denial? Whatever the situation may be no one should have to worry about paying for rehab or wondering if their insurance will even cover it. Unfortunately, many people are completely in the dark about what their insurance company covers at all. That can be a costly mistake, but that’s a discussion for another time. It is advised if you are planning to go into rehab or someone else in your family is going to rehab to know ahead of time what your insurance actually pays.

Do I need to use insurance for Christian Rehab?

In general, drug rehabilitation is expensive. The insurance companies are not a nonprofit institution, i.e. the biggest service it offers is to fatten up the bottom line. They are in business to make money; the more money they pay out in claims, the less money is left in their coffers. So the real deal is insurance doesn’t actually want to cover anything. However, they would have a hard time getting you to purchase it if they told you that right up front. Another thing they do, whether on purpose or not, is to make deciphering your insurance paperwork as close to impossible as they can.

All insurance policies do cover Christian facilities, but on some policies, it may be in an add-on. Nobody signs up for insurance expecting to need drug rehabilitation coverage. However, insurance for Christian rehab is most likely covered under a portion of your policy. Therefore, the best thing to do is call your insurance company and get them to tell you what coverage you have. On the other hand, addictions are classified as a disease, and, therefore, should be covered under major medical. Inpatient treatment and outpatient rehab are usually both covered.

But Will Christian Rehab Be Covered?

Yes, PPO insurance, HMO insurance and Kaiser Permanente insurance will pay for drug rehab, regardless of the affiliation of the treatment center. If you’re covered under major medical for any treatment facility this includes Christian facilities also. Any type of drug rehabilitation facility, including a Christian program, will be more than happy to assist you with slogging through your insurance company’s paperwork to find out exactly what your insurance covers.

Today can be the first day of a brand new you. Reach out for help today and let it be the first day of the rest of your life.