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Is Addiction and Alcoholism a Sin?

The Commandment of the Lord is as such: “Worship no gods but me.”

Is addiction a sin is how some people may actually refer to an addiction to alcohol as a person giving worship to a false idol. After all, an addict who cannot stay away from alcohol is likely to spend just as much time looking for alcohol as looking for God. With the same fervor that person reads Bible verses, that person will be seeking out his or her next fix of this incredibly debilitating drug.

 What exactly is alcohol?

Is alcoholism a sin, after all alcohol is, without a doubt, the most dangerous drug that is in our society today. This is not just because of its status as a legal drug; it is also because alcohol has the most debilitating effects on the body over the long term. Believe it or not, alcohol is more powerful than marijuana and some forms of cocaine.

When a person deals with an addiction to alcohol, he or she can be said to be dealing with a demon. This demon will try to affect your behavior and take your priorities away from healthy things and into sin. This demon will literally be able to change the way that you physically think and affect your psychology at a very deep level. The physical changes that take place in the mind of an alcoholic are real. The brain patterns of a long term alcoholic can resemble someone who was born with autism in some cases.

The Truth of  Is Addiction a Sin

As much as alcohol can behave like a demon inside of your body, the trust is that you have the power to replace it with the Word of God at any time. This does not mean that all of your power comes from within. As a matter of fact, the reason that alcohol is so strong is to test your willingness to believe in the Word of God that all of your strength will come through Him in the form of others who have your back as well as your willingness to change your own behavior.

God most definitely recognizes that the demons of this world can be incredibly strong. However, the most holy among us see the worst of these demons as an opportunity – if they did not attack with such vigor, then you would never really get to physically experience how much stronger the power of God can be. It is one thing to read about it in the Holy Book: It is quite another to experience it firsthand inside of your own body.

We all sin. Alcoholism is a sin that takes you away from those you love. However, it is a sin that can be washed away by the Word of God.

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