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Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction a False Idol?

Drug and alcohol addiction can turn people away from God and worshipped idols. There are countless stories recorded in the Bible of God’s people placing other people or things above God. People worship idols when they love or revere anything more than God.

The accusation might sound harsh, but drug addiction and alcohol addiction is indeed a false idol. The similarities are striking: just as with idol worship, an addict will place their substance in a position of reverence above all the other important things in his or her life; an addict will devote money, time, and energy to serving their idol; and an addict will give up all else to worship (take part in) their substance.

Addiction is different, however, in that it cannot be solved simply by trying hard enough to stop. An addict will never be able to give up his or her substance through their own actions or self-determination. Complete healing can occur only through the love and power of God himself, and through rehab and therapy that points us to our God.

Getting Rid of the Idols of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Just as with God’s people who bow down and worship idols of gold or silver, the first step toward putting an end to addiction worship is admitting our wrongs and allowing God to draw near to us. When we admit we are powerless to control our substance addiction, we can begin to rely on the power of God and his perfect will for our lives. Only then, through a relationship with God, can we learn how to live without this idol, and put God into the lead position our lives.

Thank God that he is a loving God and that he wants us to experience that love. Even though we continually turn away from God, he finds ways to bring us back so that we can find purpose and meaning for our lives through his will.